Noelle Cervantes

From Dark City
Noelle Cervantes

"Just dance! Spin that record, baby!"


Sporting the figure of a dancer, Noelle has muscles in all the right parts of her body, giving her the grace and smooth curves that is bound to attract most men... Or women, no bias. She is of average height and often wears her hair dirty blonde. She has a friendly smile and seems quite approachable. Noelle often has a hint of lavender about her person. Very calming.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160lbs
Pronouns: She/Her
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Figure: Dancer's
Skin: Fair

Noelle is seemingly quiet and shy at first. Once you talk to her and get her to open up, she is very easy going. Extremely polite to a fault, she tends to also appear meek and amenable. She is kind-hearted, soft-spoken and an empath.


~ Wanting To Be Helpful
Noelle is one of those types of people who sees an old person crossing the road and she steps forward to help out. Or when someone drops something, she will be right there to pick it up for them. She feels happy to be a good Samaritan and this definitely shows when she is rewarded with a grateful smile and a thank you. If someone were to ask her to help them move furniture, the answer would be an immediate yes.

~ * ~

~ Translator or Tour Guide?
Who knows? She doesn't. She dreams to be an Interpreter/Translator and she has been able to interpret for the hard of hearing for years now. She is also fluent in Cantonese and can speak Spanish, which helps out a LOT of random people in NYC. But really, she has the capabilities to be more than that. Perhaps she should achieve the American Dream and work multiple jobs? This is NYC, right? The place where dreams come true? Feel free to attempt crushing her dreams...

Noelle has never actually given tours before, but she has directed people to the correct locations when they appeared lost or asked for directions. She almost seem to have an inner compass with how accurately she knows where she is and where other things are.

~ * ~

~ Dance Dance Revolution
Challenge her to one if you dare. She would gladly whoop you with style.

~ * ~

~ The Things That Go Bump In The Night...
Noelle has been showing an interest in Occulty things... Care to enlighten her?

~ * ~

~ Regnant Roulette (Vampire)
Noelle doesn't know this, but her player is looking to switch her from an NPC Regnant to a PC. This is so I won't have to rely on the ST for... pretty much everything. If you have interest in becoming Noelle's regnant, feel free to send me a DM on Discord. Note: I will be very picky on who I choose because it is more than just a switch. I want to make sure we are compatible in many different factors, including but not limited to: IC compatibility, OOC compatibility, matching playtimes, a desire for story, willingness to explore the unknown/scary/never-done-before, and many others!

I would also prefer such a relationship to manifest as naturally as possible in a text based game. I'm not a fan of forced situations just to make it fit. This means our characters would need some time to actually get to know one another in game. DM me and we can work something out!

Noelle Cervantes.png
Date of Birth: August 18th, 1998
Apparent Age: 23 Years Old
Studying At: College of
Staten Island
Student Of: Linguistics Major
Supe Type: Ghoul
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Invictus
Regnant: Rhett Townsend
Played By: Feathers
Face Claim: Jessy Hartel

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~ * ~
Dexterity: ••••
Composure: ••••
Academics Spec: Linguistics
Stealth Spec: Crowds
Expression Spec: Dance
Multilingual Merit: English, Cantonese, ASL, Spanish
Barfly Merit: ••
Status (Invictus):
Status (Education):

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