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Note: This plot is intended for Crossover. Anyone from any splat may get involved, but please note, I will be running the different 'groups' separately. See what I mean for groups below, they may contain multiple splats. They may change as time goes on. You may eventually be part of multiple groups.


One way or another, you've been asked to find a collection musical sheet notes. The pages themselves are rumored to be well sought after and dangerous. There are said to be 7 pages in total but if this is true or not, who knows?

Plot Details So Far

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Pages 1 & 2 (Group 1)

  • Bernard Laskowski has requested the aid of a few Changelings within the city to return these pages to the Freehold.
  • Sun-Wu Renli and Canary Quill take up the call. Bernard explains the lost musical pages belonged to the Freehold once upon a time and they'd like to get them back. They're currently in possession by a man named Victor Groff, who very recently purchased them on the black market for a large sum.
  • Sun-Wu Renli learned from their contacts in the Black Hand and own research that the pages are part of a lost collection rumored to be 9 in total, and that they're cursed. Whomever gets them loses them shortly there after, via misfortune or death. While unsure why they're so popular, occultists in the group suggest the pages have power.
  • He also learned through his connection to Autumn that while the pages were lost from the Freehold's collection, they are not fae in nature, but something called a Bygone.
  • Sun-Wu Renli and Jack Kears spied on Victor Groff, who spotted them and took off.
  • Jack Kears tailed Groff, who turned out to be one of the Lost, and uncovered that the man is a privateer based out of Staten Island for the moment, actually a resident of Canada. Groff is also an acclaimed pianist who often finds captives through offering lessons and taking promising candidates to the markets to sell.
  • Jack Kears uncovered the motel room that Groff another Lost associate of his, a woman with magic that allows her to turn into a dog that often travels with Groff, have been operating out of.
  • Sun-Wu Renli met with a "mystery woman" who picked up a pen that Groff had dropped, apparently a token that allowed Groff to communicate with his buyers. After a brief communication during which the buyer stated that Groff had promised '5' but could only deliver on '3,' to which the buyer stated that Groff had stated he could provide 'dozens,' they left the buyer with a promise they would deliver on the 'dead drop.' The paper then went up in flames and Renli left with the pen.
  • Jack Kears was able to get clear photos of this mystery woman who arrived armed with a gun and knives. She professed some level of association with 'Bernie.'
  • Sun-Wu Renli went to investigate the recent incident at Stuyvesant High School and met Sierra Roen and Ruthie Romero at the scene. They took a look around the classroom revealing that an entire class had been taken by Loyalists using the magic from the pages.
  • After realizing the Hedge Gate was still open, the group realized a trap had been set by a third party looking for the pages. Ruthie was shot and the sniper subsequently disappeared by Sierra.
  • Sun-Wu Renli moved onto the house alone after parting ways with the others; he found a Hollow and the partner of Groff, who he killed. Groff's body was found inside the Hollow, shot, killed, and pulled inside.
  • Sun-Wu Renli gathered a group of Lost to venture back to the cabin and potentially secure it. After finding a group of Loyalists present, the Freeholders engaged and fought them in a quick and messy battle, resulting in one Loyalist killed, the others retreating, and the destruction of the cabin. Afterwards Renli recovered the two pages buried by Groff's partner and delivered them to Bernard Laskowski for containment by the Leaden Mirror.

Page 3 (Group 2)

Page 4 (Group 3)

  • Ruthie Romero has asked Rakesh Baig to investigate a possible sheet of music being used to free - or kidnap - inmates from death row in New Jersey.

Pages 5 & 6 (Group 4)

Page 7 (Group 5)

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IC Rumors

  • Portia Colvin, who was in possession of one of the pages, is now dead.
  • Victor Groff, who had originally secured some of the pages, is dead. There is a third party currently working to collect the pages that murdered him, and shot Ruthie Romero.

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