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★ ★ ★"Curiosity killed the cat,
                   . . .but satisfaction brought her back." ★ ★ ★


At a first glance, Nilin seems like a total space-case.

She treats new experiences and meeting new people things like mysterious encounters to unravel and understand. She drifts in and out of conversations, wandering off and wandering in to places without an apparent of rhyme or reasons

under that layer is a troubled, slightly slow, but curious and deeply caring young woman.

...and under those layers, with a nudge from her burden and geist, is a fury ready to snap and wreck vengeful havoc.


Nilin is a 22 year old woman with a fairly average, if slightly curvy build. Her features are gentle and soft, she has very little muscle definition and she's a touch on the shorter side at 5'4.

She has pale, almost white skin, smattered with dozens of dark freckles and beauty marks. Her eyes are deep light hazel and tired looking, with dark creases and bags under them, her face framed by a long wavy mess of choppy, dark hair.

She walks like she's drifting on air, her voice is pitched sifted down, staticy sing-song , lilting and wandering.

Nilin has an unquieting aura (striking looks •• - weirdo) that draws some people to her ...and makes other people nervous that she might have a knife (she does)


Nilin is from Detroit, Mi, and had a fairly normal life growing up with loving parents, two younger sisters and an older brother. She struggled in school a bit as even though she is quite clever, she was easily bored and tended to wander of and get into trouble.

Her mother fostered a general interest in pop-culture occult such as tarot and astrology and grew to love unexplained mystery, stories of cryptids and ufos.

In her late teens, she and a gaggle of her weirdo friends made the classic mistake of going to a cabin in the woods.

No one survived.

...sort of.

A funeral was held, her body being the only one missing, family holding hope and vigil that she was only missing and not dead...until finally they relented, and let her go, leaving the terrible memories in a quiet, empty grave by her friends.

And once the news cycle finished, the awful tragedy that befell the group faded into obscurity.

She drifted for a while, with a bit of effort changing her name, and after several bizarre and brutal misadventures in her home city and state, she found herself called to the vibrant and bizarre energy of the largest city in the world.

In her second chance at life, flesh side, this is reflected mainly in her seeking out other living people, wanting to make an impression on them. Even space cadets can leave a memorable mark. She is deeply curious and seeks connections from others to herself.

Dead side, she is very sympathetic to unavenged ghosts that the verge of being forgotten, when she learns of the she wants to help them as best as she can...sometimes, that means chainsaw. sometimes, it's more complicated.

Nilin is deeply traumatized by her death and the death of her friends, and struggles with her mental health, which would be difficult at the best of times and is exacerbated by her circumstances as a Sin-Eater.

Nilin currently works at a new-age shop, called the Violet Iris, the sort of witchy place that sells crystals, incense and does detailed tarot and astrology readings. The shop has a lot of black and purple and not-safe-for-work candles.

The shop is owned by middle-class lesbian throuple who seem to understand that Nilin is odd and will sometimes just wander off and needs handfuls of mental-health days to rest. They sometimes treat her a little bit like a daughter or a niece than strictly an employee.

She has her own tiny apartment above a second-hand record store (also owned by the throuple) that is a few blocks a way from the The Green-Wood Cemetery, a space she likes to explore, find a quiet nook and read.

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RP Hooks
Strange Days - (Geist, Mortal, Mortal +...maybe everyone?) Nilin is drawn to weird things, from the uncommon to the cryptic, she'll gladly join a round of urban exploring, occult library browzing or haunted house viewing.

Hi, what's your name? - Nilin is very curious about other people. If someone has a particularly noticeable tick, way of dressing, or striking looks etc, she is very likely to drift over to say hello.

forget me not...except for sometimes - From time to time, Nilin will try and allow herself some rest from her terrible duties and blitz her brain with a lot of drugs. The fanciness and/or seediness of the location for such isn't really much of a bother to her.

Murderer, feel our pain - Nilin is a regular and ephemeral killer-killer. If there is an active supernatural menace racking up a body count...she'll want to help stop it. (not including other super PCS. NPC hunter only.)

(~ note with crossover of the main reasons I wanted to make Nilin was to play with a broader selection of the server than Jet really can at this point. However, I want to keep things low risk, so lots of pretending to be a 'regular' person and am not interested in any potential super pvp or venue rattling oath breaks, etc.)

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Nilin and Ruin

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AGE: 22

BIRTHDAY: November 11th, 2000

DEATHDAY: August 25th, 2018

HEIGHT: 5'4"

PROFESSION: Employee/Sales Associate at he Violet Iris
(a ne- age-sells-tarot,crystals,insense-type-store)


☆Stiking Looks •• (weirdo)

☆Professional Training •• (Sales Associate)


★BURDEN: The Vengeful

★ARCHETYPE: The Mourners

KREWE: Currently None

★ ★GEIST★ ★


RUIN webby.jpg

Rank 3

Description: RUIN usually takes the form of a Cheerleader, her outfit is clearly a few decades out of date...and her body is mangled, with rends in her face, her shoulders and legs, a wide-open tear from her throat to under her ribs, the terrible wounds clustered with bolts, springs and other pieces of metal, long cuts from her elbows to between her middle and ring fingers filled with the toothy band of a chainsaw. Flicking scratches, like some static-y, hissing vhs effect, cross her eyes, and flicker over her mouth like a set of jittering jaws.

When Nilin Vents The Rage, RUIN takes the form of a biomechanical chain saw, and acts directly as a force of destruction.

Liminal Aura:down your spine and up your arms you feel the vibrations of a churning, rumbling machine, subtle as if you've been holding the device for hours and having put it down to rest the tingle persists. Faint sounds buzzing of a chainsaw, of soggy wet footsteps and the sounds of a body being dragged at the edge of your perception, like an old vhs playing on the tv on with the sound turned to 1. Nilin's eyes seem dark and dead, no light shines there. (radius 20 yeards)

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Played By: User:Sarah Carapace