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Interaction with the Danse:
The Nelapsi originate from the Czechoslovakia region after the fall of the Roman Empire, where their legendarily monstrous hunger earned them the scornful nicknames of Gluttons and Locusts from other Kindred. Tales of the Gluttons date back to the Dark Ages, where these vampires inspired countless superstitions and stories of hauntings. Nelapsi are known for being charming and savvy, but almost universally idiosyncratic in their love of inspiring fear and sowing chaos.

The Nelapsi are rare, due to their massive appetites making them convenient scapegoats when a region’s blood supply is threatened. As a result, they often hide their bloodline influence when establishing themselves in a new region. Bloodline members often exhibit odd behaviors and habits reflective of ancient superstitions, like having to stop and count grains of rice on the floor or requiring an invitation to enter a building. These are preferences and compulsions more than actual banes, likely stemming from a flare for drama and spookiness.

Nelapsi isn't about being messy or chaotic (though those tendencies may arise in individuals), it's about being a wolf in sheep's clothing, being something beautiful that's corrupted by the horrific..Despite the charm imbued by their Daeva blood, make no mistake that the Nelapsi are monstrous. Their feeding habits tend towards the messy and wasteful, and it takes a Glutton significant force of will not to play with their food. These Kindred prove that beauty and terror are two sides of the same coin, and in either case, they cannot be ignored.

Parent Clan: Daeva

Nicknames: Gluttons, Locusts

Bloodline Bane:

  • The Bottomless Pit:

The Nelapsi are gluttons when they feed. The first point of Vitae taken each time they feed is not absorbed and is wasted as they fall into a fever of feeding.

Bloodline Disciplines: Majesty, Celerity, Vigor, Nightmare

Bloodline Gift:

  • Churchtower Gaze:

The Nelapsi countenance can terrify, and is utterly inexorable when turned towards onlookers.
The Nelapsi is able to utilize Awe and Dread Presence as a single instant action, and when doing so they may choose to either exclude targets up to their BP while affecting everyone else who can see them, or focus these effects entirely on a number of targets up to their BP.
Drawback: Any target with a silver mirror and the desire to use it may spend a WP to reflect the Nelapsi's gaze back at them, protecting the target from the effects and inflicting a -3 penalty to the Nelapsi's next action.


Active PC's
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Bloodline Devotions:

Shadow Heart

Requires: Nightmare •• Celerity•• Vigor••
One of the more unusual Nelapsi legends refers to line members as creatures with two hearts. On at least one occasion, a Nelapsi has shrugged off a hawthorn stake thrust squarely into his chest, removed the offending implement himself, and chastised his startled attacker before destroying her. Shadow Heart relies as much on misdirection as it does on sheer toughness. By creating a momentary distraction at the moment of impact, the Nelapsi causes the attacker’s blow to land slightly askew, missing the vital target while harm is diminished by undead sinew and bone. Nelapsi never teaches this Devotion to an unproven operit. By tradition, only a predek can teach this trick and only to her own childer.

  • Cost: None
  • Action: Passive
  • Effect:

Like a true monster who knows it will be hunted, the Nelapsi is always on guard against being staked. Whenever they are attacked by a stake their body moves with strength and speed only made possible because of Celerity and Vigor. Normally trying to impale a Vampire imposes a -3 penalty and requires five points of damage to be inflicted. Staking a Nalepsi is much harder; it subtracts successes from the attacking roll equal to Blood Potency.

  • XP Cost: 2 Experience

Witch Lights

Requires: Majesty •, Nightmare ••
Ghostly sounds, cold spots and floating lights are all common manifestations of a Nelapsi’s haunting — or so stories tell. By creating an aura of looming dread and focusing attention on tricks of the mind, a Nelapsi can cause various sensory manifestations that unsettle mortals or make Kindred wonder if a place is inhabited by more than just vampires. Although Nelapsi refer to these manifestations simply as “witch lights,” the effects aren’t limited to light alone. They can include a sudden stench, a brief moment of cold, the sound of creaking floorboards or a colored illumination equivalent to a candle — a veritable cornucopia of ghostly effects.

  • Cost: None or 1 Vitae
  • Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Nightmare
  • Action: Reflexive
  • Effect:

A Nelapsi subconsciously causes distracting and disturbing phenomena when she is fighting. This surrounds her for up to 4 square yards per success achieved with the activation. This phenomena naturally lasts until the start of her next turn or with the expenditure of Vitae she can make this effect last for the remainder of the scene or until dismissed. This effect is centered on the Nelapsi and moves with them or can be moved at a speed equal to twice your Blood Potency. A subject that is surrounded by these affects suffers a -2 Penalty to all dice rolls due to distraction, or fear. Reflexive actions are not affected by this penalty. Leaving the area terminates the penalty but it resumes if exposure is resumed. The penalty does not apply to the creator herself or any other Nelapsi in the area. While manifestations aren’t detailed enough to assume specific shapes, sounds or messages, they’re certainly eerie. They don’t show up on any recording device or are distorted in some fashion and unrecognizable when they do. A Willpower point can be spent for a Nelapsi to make all such signs recordable for a short time. The center of Witch Light activity can move at a Speed of 3, as directed reflexively by the creator. Phenomena do not cause damage and cannot make objects invisible or alter items’ appearance.

  • XP Cost: 2 Experience

Blood Begets Blood

Requires: Nightmare ••, Vigor ••
Given their need for excessive amounts of blood, Nelapsi have mastered a trick of storing vitae in a way that amplifies its potency. With this devotion, the Glutton can store caches of blood that concentrate and become more satisfying over time.

  • Cost: 1 Vitae and 1 Willpower per Reliquary
  • Dice Pool: Stamina + Occult + Nightmare
  • Action: Instant
  • Duration: Blood Potency Months
  • Effect:

To store blood, a Nelapsi rips open one of his veins with his fangs, automatically causing a point of lethal damage that cannot be mitigated. The player then spends one vitae to activate the power. As the vitae oozes out of the wound, the Nelapsi’s unnatural vigor condenses the cells in the plasma, while the blood-curdling force of Nightmare causes an effect almost like fermentation. The stored blood will mature over a period of months equal to blood potency or less, and provide points of vitae equal to the initial point spent plus the number of months left to ferment, the blood will go off if left for months exceeding blood potency. When consumed this Vitae is not subject to the usual Bane of Nelapsi as they have put their will into this Vitae.The blood must be stored in a container of some kind, or it will spill and be rendered inert.

  • XP Cost: 3 Experience

Nightmare Blade

Requires: Nightmare •, Vigor •
By coating her weapon in Nightmare-infused blood, the Nelapsi can make her weapon unstoppable simply through the fear of it being so. A Glutton wielding a Nightmare Blade appears larger, stronger, and more imposing as she strikes at her target.

  • Cost: 1+ Vitae
  • Action: Instant
  • Effect:

For each vitae expended, up to Blood Potency, the Nelapsi grants a weapon an equivalent amount of Armor Piercing, which also ignores an equivalent amount of an object's durability, for the rest of the scene. This effect can apply to any held weapon or their own body, but not a ranged weapon unless thrown. In the case of thrown weapons, the impact itself gains the property, not any secondary explosions or other effects.

  • XP Cost: 2 Experience

Visage of Fear

Requires: Nightmare ••• Majesty •••
Centuries of persecution have taught the Nelapsi that a living victim who remembers you is a liability. By manipulating their aura of fear and compelling force of personality, the Nelapsi’s fearsome countenance becomes entirely separate from their identity in the mind of their victims. The victim can dismiss the terrors they’ve witnessed as a trick of the mind that will fade when next they sleep.

  • Cost: 1 Vitae and 1 Willpower
  • Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Nightmare vs Composure + Supernatural Resistance
  • Action: Instant
  • Effect:

This ability may be used once the supernatural event has stopped, with the use of this ability she is able to affect up to blood potency targets. This ability must be used before the victim leaves the Glutton’s presence. If successful, the target will forget the Nelapsi and only remember a fearful countenance in their place. When they next sleep, their memory of the scene is rationalized as a Nightmare, dismissed and suppressed. Supernatural attempts to recall the truth within these memories (such as through auspex) is unopposed.

  • XP Cost: 3 Experience