Nathan Bajek

From Dark City

Nathan is perfect. His face is exquisitely symmetrical, and the proportions of his features are exact in their conformity to the canons of beauty. His stature and musculature are ideal--perhaps it was this body that the ancient sculptors sought to render in marble, however feebly. His hair is blonde, almost white, and swept back. His eyes are as blue as the sky and his skin is bronze with the kiss of the sun. Looking at Nathan too long prompts a subtle discomfort--a sense of that uncanny valley between a human being and a close facsimile. Talking with him too long can prompt a more obvious discomfort--the man's ego is titanic in scope. He acts like he knows everything. Maybe he does, but does he have to be insufferable about it?

If someone could look just a few inches below the surface, they'd see the truth. Peeling back some skin, one would find the cybernetics integrated into brain and bone. Nathan is a cyborg unattached to the Lost Boys Network. If they pried into his business, they'd find his lackeys, obedient minions who he has modified and perfected to assist him. If someone could tap into the data feed interfacing with his brain, they'd be able to hear the whispers of an entity supplying Nathan with information and strange dictates.

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RP Hooks
Surgeon, Plastic or Otherwise

Nathan is a gifted surgeon specializing in cosmetic enhancement and reconstruction. Neither he nor his workspace are licensed, however, and there's no shingle with his name hanging out where the world might see it. He accepts a variety of forms of payments, and the prices he charge depend on his interest in the case at hand. He doesn't need the money--he is an artist. Maybe you or someone you know needed services like his?

Some believe the man is a genius polymath--and no one is more certain of this than Nathan himself. Nathan pokes and prods at other people's works, emailing mathematicians his commentaries on their attempts at proofs. He offers unsolicited improvements to architectural designs--on drafts that aren't available to the public, that he shouldn't have access to. Nathan isn't always right when he's butting into the business of other intellectuals, but he's persistent and intrusive. Maybe he's bothered you with his bullshit?

Delight in Violence
Nathan loves a fight, but his love is a fickle thing. He likes taking a hit almost as much as he likes throwing a punch. He bounces between MMA studios, sometimes working out with them and getting into sparring rotations, sometimes just provoking someone until they want to fight him. Nathan wins about half the time. He attends exhibitions and matches, too, sitting close to the action and cheering for blood. Have you crossed his path and traded jabs?

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Nathan Bajek

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  • Full Name: Nathan Bajek
  • Occupation: Engineer, Surgeon, Driven Assimilator
  • Public Effects: Striking Looks 2 (Perfect)
  • Age: 36
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Virtue: Determination
  • Vice: Pride

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Played By: PresterJohn