Natasha Arroyo/Quotes

From Dark City
  • "You have every grace that you need to navigate this situation and come out on top." - Moira Reverie
  • "Duchess Arroyo is the picture of Precision, Poise and Power. Unconquered at its finest." - A.G. Silverwood
  • "How does it feel to stand on top of the world? Do you even feel them beneath your heel anymore? I certainly don't." - Imani Hakim
  • "I see the example of Lilith upon her; unbowed, unbroken, and a queen of the night. I doubt Senoi, Sansenoi, and Sammangelof's amulets will have all too much effect on her. Now to see if she teaches fear to the kine so effectively." - Leviticus Grove

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