NPC Database/Pre-Approved NPCs

From Dark City

Animal NPCs

Trained Guard Dog

Chronicles of Darkness 2.0: p121
Note: Doubles as a K-9 hound, wild animal, swarm of vermin, genetic experiment, etc. If you're going the 'Experiment Gone Wrong' angle, giving it a 7 die dread power or two wouldn't be out of the question.

Mortal NPCs

Cocky Mob Hitman

Chronicles of Darkness 2.0: p119
Note: Doubles as a game hunter, tough street gangster, secret police agent, hired assassin, etc. This is a decent template for most crime heavies. For less combat focused mobsters, lower the gun and knife pools by 1 or 2 dice each and introduce additional pertinent social or mental pools at 4 dice.

Excitable Munitions Expert

Chronicles of Darkness 2.0: p119
Note: Doubles as a radical terrorist, bomb disposal technician, demolitions operative, etc. While this NPC is approved for play, blowing up parts of the city willy-nilly is not. If you want to use this template as a consultant for the PCs? Great. If you want to use the NPC to blow up a character's car? Have at it. Want to explode a building a PC owns in a plot? Go to town. Want to explode anything else? Contact staff for plot approval, please.

Fanatical Cult Leader

Chronicles of Darkness 2.0: p119
Note: Doubles as a crooked politician, freedom fighter, popular war leader, zealous preacher, powerful crimelord. If you want to use this template in combat and give him teeth, couple him with some additional mook templates with more combat beef. One or two 7 die dread powers wouldn't go amiss, either, if you want the cult to be more than a fiction.

Hard-Nosed Beat Cop

Chronicles of Darkness 2.0: p120
Note: Doubles as a jaded soldier, nightclub bouncer, well-paid bodyguard, security guard, ex-convict, etc. For SWAT style officers or the equivalent, bump the combat pools by 1 each. For less seasoned operators, drop them by 1 each. For rookies, drop them by 2 each. Cop Talk becomes Shop Talk, pertinent to their vocation. While you don't need prior approval to run this NPC as a sworn officer, please submit a ticket to staff if the NPC witnesses criminal activity. Especially if the officer is injured or killed in the process.

Obsessed Demon Cultist

Chronicles of Darkness 2.0: p120
Note: Doubles as a mad scientist, retired monster hunter, suspicious professor, occult librarian, etc. A great NPC for the Call to Adventure to originate with. Also great as a resource for characters needing the inside scoop on occult matters. The Right Tool For The Job can include equipment capable of dealing with ephemeral creatures, though it would only be useful in your scene or plot. Lasting equipment of that sort would require prior approval from staff.

Slick Professional Grifter

Chronicles of Darkness 2.0: p121
Note: Doubles as a black market salesman, corrupt lawyer, casino house dealer, etc. Take a little bit of Bernie Madoff, a little bit of Ron Popeil, and a little bit of Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother.

World Weary Private Eye

Chronicles of Darkness 2.0: p121
Note: Doubles as a police force detective, conspiracy theorist, nosy journalist, tabloid writer, etc. To reflect a detective, give the NPC 1 additional die to each combat pool and a Cop Talk general action at 4 dice. Alternatively, turn Knows a Guy into Knows a Hack if you want to make your hard boiled detective an internet sleuth instead.

Werewolf NPCs

Miscellaneous Spirits

Spirits of Rank 1 through 2 do not require PRP approval if they use NPC Retainer rules, with Rank equal to half of Retainer, rounded down.

Sparkblood Seneschal

Werewolf the Forsaken 2.0: p201
Note: You can switch in any Influence: Element for Influence: Electricity to make this any variation on some kind of elemental spirit.

Shadow Wraith

Werewolf the Forsaken 2.0: p202

The Hunter

Werewolf the Forsaken 2.0: p207

The Information Broker

Werewolf the Forsaken 2.0: p207

Devourer Hound

Werewolf the Forsaken 2.0: p209