From Dark City


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"A little mystery and a little distraction never hurts in negotiations" - Chester Harrington

NDR is a group of Freehold members that are interested in diplomatic and problem solving solutions for the Freehold of Neon and Chrome. We are happy to accept any problem you might have and offer a variety of solutions.

Contact: Any Current Member
Home Base: Brooklyn
Recruiting: Yes


NDR Properties

Ironside Brooklyn Property

NDR's Ironside home resides in Brooklyn. It is a small art gallery that the motley curates and cycles through every season. The upper floors are used as offices and meeting rooms for both Ironside and Freehold meetings. There are also rooms for small event parties and gatherings. The first floor has a renovated commercial kitchen as well as a dumbwaiter that services the second floor.

New Dream Ranch

New Dream Ranch is NDR's Hollow. The ranch is Large and extensive catering to a variety of personal needs, but also serving the Freehold. The main estate is enough to host any number of dignitaries, or refugees. The grounds include:
- A small Goblin Fruit area is well maintained.
- A stable for Hedge Beasts.
- Multiple venues for indoor or outdoor events.
- An area for Hedgespinning training.
- Assorted open areas for exploring and reflection.

(Size Matters 2, Escape Route 2, Phantom Phone Booth, Luxury Goods)

The Workshop

Dream Ranch also maintains a versatile workshop. Any equipment you might need can be hedgespun in a matter of minutes by members of NDR. Rooms for art production of any medium exist should you need to spend an afternoon creating. There is also a smithy and garage should you need something that fulfills an Ironside desire. The Workshop still has room for growth and NDR is currently considering some options to help the Freehold with day to day needs.

(Artist Loft, Goblin Fruit Harvesting, Automotive, 1 TBD)