Murphy Family Farm

From Dark City

     Murphy Family Farm.png
Murphy Family Farm
Chronicle Jericho
Owner Colt Murphy
Room Type Residence

Along the northern ridge overlooking the hollar is a winding unpaved road that leads to the Murphy Family farm. A large clearing has been made, and the house is built right up close to the ridge. On one side of the house is a large barn filled to the brim with kennels and hunting dogs. The sounds of old football games playing on loop can be heard from within, something to keep their newest Guest at peace. On the other side of the home a small field of wild flowers, headstones poking up from between them where the rest of the Murphy Clan has been laid to rest.

The house was built originally in the late eighteen hundreds, but more modern additions have been built onto it. Nearly five generations of Murphy grew up in this home, many of them from birth to death, only the newest generation having broken this long tradition to move out onto their own. Now the old place was too large and too empty for the old grumpy man that lived there.