Mr. Weeper

From Dark City

Mr. Weeper
BirthdateSeptember 4, 1993
OccupationOwner of T&A
ConceptDealer of Vice
Played ByBianca Ferro
NeedleChess Master
StatusActive PC


✯The Merchant of Vice✯ What does your heart desire? Its a big questions and many people are too afraid to answer it. Well not Mr. Weeper, and she is ready and willing to help you answer it too. Legality is never a quandary that will stop Mr. Weeper, and only rarely does Morality step in either. If there is something you want, Mr. Weeper is the woman you need.

✯King of the Erinyes✯ The Erinyes are a gang of Sex Workers who killed their pimps and took over their turf. They run these streets now and Mr. Weeper is the King Bitch in charge around here. They are based out of a seedy little strip club in south Brooklyn called T&A and while it lacks the bells and whistles of the more legitimate clubs about the city, it certainly makes up for it with its enthusiasm.

✯Delusions of Grandure✯ Mr. Weeper has made it clear that they are moving up the social ladder, and she will push aside anyone who gets in her way. She may have suffered some set backs recently that are forcing her to rebuild now, but her eyes have never left sight of the goal and one day she is going to be on top of it all.

RP Hooks

✯Mortal✯ Looking for a club that doesn't have a dress code? Want to sit down with a drink and blow off some steam? After a rough night at the club are you looking to get a bagel and hair of the dog? Get in trouble with the wrong ladies down in Brooklyn? Mr. Weeper could be your gal.

✯Crime✯ Looking to break the law to have a good night? Getting harassed at night by some overly aggressive men? Need to hire some protection? Looking to make big moves in the Gang world? Mr. Weeper might be able to arrange some help.

✯Ling✯ Do you have information on the comings and goings of the Courts? Are you looking to move up in the ranks and gain new Titles? Are you interested in getting involved with the Spring Court? Do you have knowledge about new dangers to the Freehold? Mr. Weeper would like to have a word with you.



Mr. Weeper Playlist


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Tricks and Optimism
The Hottest of Wings
Playing Hard to Get
Tension in the Rose Garden
Deals and Trades at Cest la Vie
Carve out your own space Revel.
The Face and the Heel
An Unexpected Interview.
Yelling at Drunk Men
A Tale Of Two Nokias
A Summer Affair
Revel'ations and RVs
The Machinations of Spring
Pillows & Courts
Questions are a Dangerous Hobby
Dreaming for a Plan
I Can Wait
Bachelors Delight
Just like the Movies
A Black Letter
Spelt M R Period
You're a scary lady, Mr. Weeper.
"Drugs, Driving, or Death?"
A Call to Action
Summer Court
Midnight Boutique: Brooklyn Stories
Tears Don't Belong to Winter
What are you Selling?
Checking In on Fiona
A Cauldron A Day Keeps What Away?
An Informative Visit
Mr. Weeper in the Nightmare Maze
Crowning the King of Autumn Part 1
Back to Serenity Funeral Home
Serenity Funeral Home
Preparing for The Moon
Interrogating The Moon
The Moon has Burned
Trading with the Gardener
A Well Deserved Drink
A Task for a Nymph
Confronting Payton
This will be the Winter...
Two Little Goslings
We aren't friends
T&A After Hours
Meeting Jebediah
Capturing Payton
Postmortem at T&A
Aftermath of Regicide