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In New York City, it's all too common to see one of the homeless standing on the street. Mouse might look to be one among many of the city's significant population of indigents, vagrants, and bums. With short greasy hair, wearing the less charming scents of the city and worn out old clothes that barely fit, she blends right in with the scenery. But those who have spared more than a fleeting glance at this street orphan know that she's by no means normal.


A life on the streets has taught Mouse to be cautious around strangers. She's rough around the edges, with a short fuse, tending to look unfavorably on 'normies' and keeping her distance. Still, underneath that calloused exterior is a lonely person who just wants to connect with other people. While she can be rude, her friends see a much warmer side to her. In those private moments, Mouse laughs and cries and loves with the passion of someone trying to make up for too much lost time.

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RP Hooks
Cautionary Tale: Mouse knows how hard it can be to live on the streets as a runaway. When she finds other scared kids, she does what she can to get them to new homes where they have less chance of disappearing into the night.

Beggars Can Be Choosers: Mouse can be found just about anywhere in the city, usually trying to score a free meal for herself or someone else. Churches, parks, busy streets, outside clubs and restaurants are just a few of her usual begging spots.

Knowledge Is Power: When she finds the time, Mouse looks into the occult. Magic, mysticism, monsters, mental powers, and anything else she can find out.

The Guardian: Among the city's homeless, there's rumors and stories about 'the guardian'. This mysterious figure keeps them safe and punishes those who prey on the most vulnerable of society's castoffs.

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Pronouns: She/Her

Age: Early Twenties

Occupation: None

Virtue: Justice

Vice: Wrath

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Played By: Lexiconjurer