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Whether you’re born here or an outsider, finding your place among New York City is no small feat. Yes, it’s a city of dreams and possibility, but there’s also a real chance of getting cut on that same ambition, and many people do.

On the surface, New York City rises above the rest as a symbol. A City That Never Sleeps, with its constant flow of humanity, culture, enterprise, and innovation. But if one happens to look closer, beyond the twinkling lights of Time Square and the majesty of the skyscrapers, you’ll see the grindstones that churn people in and out. There is twice as much hardship as there is success, though even those who have failed would tell you never to give up. The city inspires its citizens with hope if nothing else.

Further below this is where no mortals should really venture, but of course as creatures of curiosity and a lust for the unknown, they still do. They’ll stumble upon the shadows that quietly lurk at the end of alleyways, in the sewers, or more frighteningly at the edges of the smile on a man they’re doing business with. No city is truly safe from the darkness. It's all around us.

From the powerful cults, the spirits that rise in choirs mimicking the city’s emotion, the ghosts that live on in memory, to the mortals who find a spark of power on their own, the werewolves that protect from the skyline, the vampires that silently move their pieces across the board, the Sin-Eaters that rise from their deaths to pursue a vendetta, a world of darkness awaits those who have the audacity to continue on. The mysteries that could unfold in the Dark City are at the whims of each person who ventures to peel back layer after layer.


"The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you." - Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • Setting: Learn more about New York itself.
  • Locations: An incomplete attempt at documenting some of the places for meaningful scenes around New York.
  • Civil Society: The mortal-dominated Civil Society sphere.
  • Bestiary: Horrors, monsters, and rumors that populate New York.


  • The Crow (Movie, 1994)
  • Gone Girl (Movie, 2014)
  • True Detective (TV, 2014)
  • Shadowhunters (TV, 2020)


Mortal characters are strongly encouraged to look into the Civil Society section, and find a way to participate in one or more of the civic spheres, as a good deal of the ST-driven plot that is available to Mortals will be within Civil Society, or adjacent to it in some meaningful way. However, New York City is still a trove of endless supernatural societies, cliques, and cults within the mortal population.

Mortal+ microtemplates we are currently accepting applications for:

  • Atariya
  • Thaumaturges
  • Psychics

Mortal+ microtemplates we are not currently accepting applications for:

  • The Dreamers
  • The Infected
  • The Plain
  • Skin Thieves
  • Lost Boys
  • Psychic Vampires

There are a number of occult and supernaturally-focused organizations, ranging from groups that are as small as a handful of likeminded conspiracists, to powerful and well-populated cults.

Rules and System

Please closely review our Mortal & Mortal+ sphere House Rules.

Joining the Sphere

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  • All Storytellers participate in Civil Society plots. Any might be relevant to one, but if you're unsure, just open up a venue ticket for your character.

Mortal/Mortal+ Plots

Details about plots past, present, and future, as available.

Mortal/+ Plots

Current & Upcoming Plots

Past Plots

  • Art To Find Them - Strange occurrences at the Simmon's Household.
  • Stitcher 2.0 - An abandoned corpse on the Pelham Bay Park promenade.
  • Black Light Runes - Graffiti is nothing novel in New York, nor are fancier iterations like spraypaint activated by black lights. But lately, some tags with weird runes have started appearing in seemingly random locations, all across each of the five boroughs.
    • For Mortal/+
  • The Maw - A vengeful ghost awakens after a long slumber and renews its killing rampage.