Mortal+ (Special)

From Dark City
Staff: JJ


Open Spots: 5

Type of Game: Psychological Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Mortal/+ will be a playable splat in our Jericho chronicle! More information will be added to this page soon.

"There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand."

Welcome to Mortal+ (Special)!

If you'd like to create a Mortal+ (Special) character, the application to do so will be posted to this page on June 1st, 2023.


The mountains of Appalachia are among the oldest on Earth, born of powerful upheavals below and ceaseless action above. They will tell you in the books of the valleys and steep ridges, the gouged out ravines made by glacial ice, and the rich botanical ecology, but they will not speak of what was awoken here.

They will not mention whose home we are trespassing in.

Those facts are passed down in lore and warning. In songs we sing our children so they will not stray into the darkness. So they will not slip out of sight. So they will remember as adults that evil does not discriminate; we are all targets.

After dark, it would be difficult for even a seasoned outdoorsman to find his way back to the safety of town limits. For the average folk, it would be impossible.

They will not mention how the forest will swallow you up.

It’s not uncommon for people to go missing in these hills. A wrong step, a misjudgement, the sun falls before they’re able to make it back to the trail and then they’re gone. Search parties might go out, but it’s really only an amenity for the families. No one expects to find them. But sometimes they come back. Walk right out of those woods with no explanation or right to be as alive as they are. Unnatural and unlucky, these people come back to a world that is weary of them. Some say they shouldn’t have come back at all.


  • Survivor: - Everyone knows what happened to you. In a small town like Jericho, even the surrounding areas, there’s no hiding the truth. You were a victim. A statistic. A name and face on a missing person’s poster. But eventually you came back. And when they asked where you’d gone, you couldn’t bring yourself to say the truth. A scream in your belly that refuses to push past your teeth. The woods surrounding Grey County harbor dangerous secrets. Not everyone can see the truth, but you can. A long time ago, you stepped into those woods and came out different. You saw a darkness you couldn’t unsee, and now struggle to remember. And ever so often it draws you back and you just can’t help yourself.
  • Outcast - Something about you is off. Though it’s possible to have found close friends or loved ones, you don’t fit in with the larger crowd. The towns all know you’re a little strange and keep you at arm’s length. Perhaps you’ve stopped trying to fit in long ago, or maybe you’re still holding onto hope that one day you’ll find your place.
  • Not Alone - Whether it's at the other end of the supermarket aisle, at the edge of the woods, or even in your dreams, something has begun to watch your every move. You can feel their eyes on you before you see them, and oftentimes you don’t. Just a lingering feeling that something is coming. Something is calling.


  • Mortal+ PCs will follow the creation rules of the Chronicles of Darkness core rulebook.
    • 10 Merits Points instead of 7.
    • Free dot of Fame - Missing Person. You can build this up further on your own, depending on your story.
    • No Supernatural Merits may be purchased. All additional supernatural traits will be applied to you in game.

House Rules

There are currently no House Rules for Mortal/+.

Custom Content

Locum Tenens / “Alternate Scenes”

Given the nature of the story Mortal+ will be unraveling, I am presenting a new mechanic in the game to provide an outside view of a scene that will lend more context while also deepening the horror and mystery. These scenes will be read-only format, and given in completion after players unlock them. There will be a series of general ones for all Mortal+ players to ‘collect’, and a few personal ones that I will tailor to the characters. At the end of the game, all will be posted along with the scene logs to complete our story.

  • Mortal/+ will not be accepting Custom Content submissions for the Jericho chronicle.



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