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Misty could best be described as a sort of siren. She spends her days wandering verdant forests and swimming through green waters.

But like the sirens of legend, Misty is far from a passive beauty. As lovely as she may appear to be, she developed a taste for flesh and blood over the course of her Durance. This puts her in a strange place - part of her wants isolation in her misery. But the other part wants something that only others can give her.

Misty's personality is highly volatile. She can be bubbly sweet one day, a morose shell of a person the next, or sometimes even a violent, deranged witch-like harpy. Thankfully, her joyful side seems to be her 'default'.

Misty loves to sing and sometimes her voice can be heard carried by the wind, coming from strange, suspicious, places. Her singing voice is sweet, Disneyesque, and inviting. Even when singing songs of sadness, pain, and death, there is a soft femininity to it. Her screaming voice however, is a much different story. She can go from 0 to glass shattering in less than 3 seconds.

She doesn't talk much and tries to use as few words as possible when not singing. She communicates with a lot of emotive gestures, nonverbal vocalizations, and by putting emphasis on the few words she does use.

Misty can easily come off as overly cryptic, but for those with the right kind of social perception, it's not hard to tell that she's permanently sad, scared and a bit hungry.


Misty has a haunting appearance that could leave her mistaken for an unusually grotesque Fairest: Sad doey eyes, long luxurious hair, and shiny sleek skin as white as a ghost. Her long brown hair runs all the way down to her knees, so thick that it completely envelopes and obscures her face and frame from view most of the time.

Her hair has a mind of its own, occasionally moving in ways counterintuitive to the physics working against it. It acts expressively, becoming slightly curled when she's happy and turning pin straight when she's upset.

Her long black nails extend multiple inches before ending in razor sharp-looking points, kept coated in ever-changing polish that leaves them looking like overdone acrylics. Her nails typically feature designs such as stars, moons, clouds, arcane runes, and other mysterious symbols.


When Misty's Mien can be seen, her hair is revealed to be much, much longer. Her full 9 feet of hair drags along the floor, gathering up twigs and leaves, while somehow avoiding the filth and garbage littering New York's streets.

Her skin is a powder snow bluish-white. Her hair is a shade of cobalt so dark that it's almost raven black. She has dark blue-black markings on her face which resemble mascara-stained teardrops. The sclera of her eyes are inky black, with brilliant sea green irises. Every last one of her teeth are elongated, nauseatingly sharp, and hooked.

She has deadly, thick, black, 12-inch long, retractable claws sprouting from her fingers which, just like her mask, are decorated with ornately gilded polish. A second set of painted talons shoot out from her toes; a bit shorter but just as keen-edged. Small fins fan out of her forearms, also retractable. Patches of iridescent aqua green scales run along her body in an almost tattoo-like pattern. When she enters the water, her legs transform into a pair of long, winding, mermaid tails resembling those of a sea serpent's.

When intoxicated, her face turns a bright cherry red and her hair shifts color to crimson-black with barely visible orange highlights.


Onryō: A vengeful yūrei. Usually the ghost of a wronged woman who lashes out indiscriminately. Associated with water and long murderous hair thanks to the popularity of The Ring and The Grudge.

Rusalka: A feral water nymph - sometimes depicted as the ghost of a beautiful woman. Known for their exceptional singing voices and for drowning their victims by entangling them with their long hair.

Shōjō: A silly aquatic yokai. They spend most of their days playing, singing, and drinking heavily. They make for pesky thieves, but tend to only steal alcohol.

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RP Hooks
Winter Warrior: Misty viciously wields her sorrow as a deadly weapon, using it to defend the Winter Court in times of need.

Extra eyes, extra hands: Misty is a decently accomplished thief, sneak, and spy. If something needs getting, someone needs watching, or something needs a look-see, Misty might be the right one.

Lady in the water: As an aquatic changeling, Misty sees things from a slightly different point of view than her land-cousins.

Unsettling songstress: Misty can often be found all by her lonesome singing in creepy, dangerous locations. Sometimes with the intention of luring in others, but usually she does this as a form of self-therapy.

Misery loves company: Misty is eager to hear about the troubles of others.

Drowned sorrows: Misty is happy to overindulge in alcohol any chance she gets.

Lamprey & cookie cutter: She's no vampire, but the taste of blood and raw flesh is an unnerving vice of hers that leads to temptation. She's not exactly open about this fact, but doesn't fully try to hide it either.

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Sinatic (ft. Veela) - Forever Blue

Hunt me down and bring me closer

Drag me up and stare me down

Find the source of my defenses

Ramses B (ft. Myth) - Angel Whisperer

I saw your face

You linger in my mind

I can't tell you

I can't speak

Come close

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Misty Blue
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Type: Changeling

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Nymph

Court: Winter

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Height: 5'6

Presence 4

Mantle (Winter) 3

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Played By: Spectre