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Appearance: With fair skin, dark hair and brilliant green eyes Miranda is no slouch, although as is often the case with most of her blood she tends to fade into the background at a moment's notice. Most of her outward expression comes from her clothing, which can vary from pleasantly conservative to showing just the right amount of skin to garner attention when the need arises. Her daily accessories range from antique jewelry to top of the line digital devices, and it's a rare moment indeed to find her without some form of phone or tablet on hand.

Personality: Often demure but pleasant in attitude, but she opens up with gleeful joy when any subject of interest comes up in conversation.

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  • Abigail Belmont - It's such a blessing to no longer have a continent between us.
  • Eris Voltaire - My dear sweet Sister. I simply adore your exuberance.
  • Moira Reverie - A complex woman, sure of her place in the world. I admire your strength.


  • Bailey Cage - A curious case indeed, and one worth observing.

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RP Hooks
  • Take That, Bembridge Scholars!: Much like a certain heroine from a certain mummy-centered movie of the late 1990s, Miranda is a dyed-in-the-wool Egyptologist who hails from London and can proudly say - albeit only in the right company - that she partook in a number of excavations that took place during the practice's early heyday. Her ties to the country are also strong in her blood, with her sire having brought her into a line that reportedly stretches back to before Rome claimed Egypt as its own.
  • Digital Wizardry: For a Kindred who can boast almost a hundred years to her name Miranda is as up-to-date with the ever-changing digital landscape as your average newly-weaned neonate. When it comes to tracking down data she works like a bloodhound, not stopping until she finds what she needs. Her talents also apply to items that float through less-than-savory circles, her fingers grazing through the trades of stolen artifacts and questionable artwork.
  • Strictly Academic: Although she's been a part of the Circle since her arrival in the United States in the 1950s Miranda has shown no personal use of Cruac to date. If asked she states that she studies the magics of the Circle more on a theoretical than practical level, but perhaps now that she's properly settled in New York that may change...

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Miranda Belmont

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AGE (Apparent): 27
HEIGHT: 5'7"
PROFESSION: Digital Archivist
PUBLIC EFFECTS: Mortal: Eidetic Memory
Vampire: Circle of the Crone 2
City 1

COVENANT: Circle of the Crone
CLAN: Mekhet

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Played By: QuicksilverFox85