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Treasure Hunter of the Sea
Description: Athletic build she does her best to keep in shape. Dragon Tattoo on her lower back and the date of her fathers death under the tattoo a constant reminder of her father. She has a few small cut and bruises from where she goes diving and had some accidents but nothing that will get out her beauty.

Personality: She is the type of person that can be your best friend or your worst enemy. She will never fight you directly, she would ruin your life by targeting those you love against you. When on her good side however she can be the very best friend you can ever have and her trust of you and loyalty are to a fault. She would gladly take a bullet for a person she cares about. She has a deep and profound respect for all supernatural entities never wanting to cross their bad side but not being afraid to do soif she has to.

Geist: The Girl with the Mask: Very protective of Mikoto, she is a small child always seen with a bunny mask on her face. Her hands and body shows signs of severe burns and people who can sense and smell her can smell burned flesh all around her.

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RP Hooks
Sea Junkie She loves the sea and everything having to do with the Sea. She loves going diving or just spending a day under the sun, she is not afraid of trying anything on the sea at least once. To her the sea is her home.

Party Girl She loves to go partying and have a good time. She can dance and sing like no other, she just loves having her life back and will do whatever she can to enjoy life, at sea or in land.

links between living and dead its not all fun, when it comes to her job as a Sin Eater she takes it very seriously. She loves solving links between the living and the dead even if she has to dive for the answer

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Mikoto Mishida

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Pronouns: She, Her

Age: 26 Gender: Female Occupation: Treasure Hunter


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Played By: Zarazel