Mikey Carter

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Mikey Carter officially, but he'll tell you Mike in that southern accent of his if you ask him his name. He naturally solitary by nature, sticking to the few areas of nature within New York where he can, or rather cannot be found. He doesn't fuck with the political machinations of the Invictus or the Carthians, doesn't understand the Dragon's science, and doesn't believe in the religious bullshit the Lancea spews. Mikey's gruff and doesn't really mince words. His personality can be described as rough around the edges, direct, and terrifying. He's a giant of a man at 6'6 and he knows how to use his physical prowess to his advantage. Get on his good side or stay out his way because you really don't want to be on his bad side. If you bump into him be straightforward and hope he's not hunting you.

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RP Hooks
Nature Lover

If you've passed through the Thain Forest late at night or for some reason found yourself off the well-lit walkways in Central Park then you may have spotted a large man dressed plainly in loose clothes out and about. That owl that watched you for a little too long could be him as well, but there would be no way to tell.


Mikey knows Cruac. He's learned it over the years and is capable of using more than a few rituals on his own. Other Acolytes may have heard of him. If they happen to have an altar and seek him out to help with a ritual then he would listen. Of course, there would be questions, but he wouldn't turn down other Acolytes as quickly as he may have some others.


Mikey isn't opposed to the seedier parts of New York. At one point he knew what that life was like. He hung around the areas that cater to the lowlifes, slowly dipping his toes back in the world of crime. Maybe you've seen him? If you have then you'll remember, his size is unforgettable.


Mikey is a Scourge. His size alone should make it clear that he's physically capable. Other Scourges may know him and kindred wound up in politics or interested in it may have heard his name.

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Mikey Carter
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Name: Mikey Carter

Pronouns: He/Him

Clan: Gangrel

Status: 2 (Scourge)

Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Apparent Age: mid 20s

Height: 6'6/198cm

Weight: 220lbs/100kg

Noticeable Traits: Giant (size 6)

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Played By: Bz