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Description: Michael is a dark-haired man of above-average height with bright blue eyes, sporting an athletic build that is often shrouded behind stylish suits thanks to his normal work attire.

Personality: Overall Michael is pleasant to be around, something of an extrovert both in and out of the courtroom. Those who have earned his loyalty find it to be iron-clad, but on the flip side those who slight him or break their word will discover how viscous he can be.

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  • Aksel Arkwright - Occasional sparring partner and all-around good guy.
  • Avery Vogel - A very welcome mentor into the ways of the Silent Arrow.


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RP Hooks
Brooklyn Born: Michael was born and raised in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn to a small but tight-knit family, and still lives in the neighborhood today.

Family Law: After graduating from Columbia University with solid honors Michael has worked as a family lawyer for the last 10 years, most recently out of a firm based in Manhattan.

Strong Right Hook: Michael has been boxing since he was a teenager, albeit more as a hobby than a possible career path.

Together Yet Apart: Michael became known to the freehold in the summer of 2021 after a member of the Winter Court came across him in the Hedge trying to follow after his daughter Alyssa when she was captured by agents of the Gentry. He has since offered his services to the freehold at large, along with continuing to raise his daughter's fetch while waiting hopefully for her return.

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  • Family law is not an easy field to work in at times, and Michael has a number of ways to cool off after a bad day at work: a quick stop at a bar, a few rounds at Gleason's boxing gym in Brooklyn, a late night jog through Carroll Gardens. Perhaps your paths can cross there.
  • As a single parent Michael is keen to be involved in his daughter's life, including staying up to date on her current interests. Crafts stores are a common stop on his way in from work, acquiring the supplies she needs for her current projects.


  • Michael's current role as Hedge Scout has him keeping a sharp eye out for new faces among the Lost, whether current freehold members that he hasn't yet met or new arrivals needing guidance in a possibly unfamiliar world.
  • Beyond the average Avowed, Michael is extremely keyed into the oaths and promises made by others around him. Have you broken your word, or has someone done so to you and you wish to bring vengeance beyond what the Wyrd provides?
  • The Hedge is a wild and alluring thing to the Avowed, and Michael frequents the city's Hollows often to soothe the urge to go deeper into the Thorns.
  • The Dreaming Roads can be a perilous thing for the Lost, let alone for the Avowed. Exploring past his own Bastion has been rare, but known to happen...

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Michael Sanabria

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AGE: 34
BIRTHDAY: June 19, 1988
HEIGHT: 5'10"
PUBLIC EFFECTS (Mortal): Eidetic Memory
Status (Law and Order) 2
Supernatural Resistance 3

COURT: Winter
PUBLIC EFFECTS (Lost): Court Goodwill (Winter) 2
Lucid Dreamer
Sense Vows

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Played By: QuicksilverFox85