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How is it that we have so much information, but know so little? -Noam Chomsky

Third generation Mexican American, Mateo is active politically without being actually active in politics. To look at him he isn't striking, but there is a force of personality there that is infectious, something about him encourages discussion, even if it doesn't necessarily incur agreement.

Typically dressed casually in jeans t-shirt and a jacket, Mateo is a little above average height at five feet eleven inches and has wavy dark brown hair and similarly dark brown eyes. A sometimes rough bead and mustache adorn his face and his frame is lithe and athletic without being muscular or heavy.

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RP Hooks
Video Didn't Kill this Radio Star: You may not have seen his face around town, but maybe you heard his podcast, or heard his voice on the airwaves on a channel that isn't usually there. Mateo hosts a leftist political guerilla radio show when he isn't doing his political based podcast.

Twilight Network And You (Geist): Mateo is known to maintain a chat server on his website as a part of the twilight network that is just for sin-eaters. Those who carefully listen might also pick up on a few coded messages from the Twilight Network making their way out on his show when something needs a quick blast.

NYU Proud: As a graduate of NYU, Mateo is proud of his alma mater and regularly goes back to patronize the college's events and even drop in on the radio station from time to time. He's happy to meet up with fellow Alumni and trade stories.

Bodega Sandwiches, Who does it Best? Mateo is a firm and proud defender of his local Bodega, Tu Bodega, and is more than happy to debate that with anyone who dares to say otherwise about his favorite establishment, even if there was that one time when that thing happened...

Anarcho-Syndicalist: Political to a fault, Mateo is an Anarcho-Syndicalist heavy into lefist politics as it is heavily featured on his podcast. But even off the air, he is often there at picket lines, protests and other such events being a rabble rouser.

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Mateo Castillo
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The Sin-Eater

Name: Mateo Castillo
Age: Late 20's, early 30's
Pronouns: He/Him
Profession: Podcaster/Guerilla Radio Host
Burden: Abiding
Archetype: Pilgrim

Public Effects:
Fame 1
Presence 4
Status: Arts and Society 1

The Geist
Name: The Voice in the Dark
Dread Geist
Rank: 4

Voice in the dark.jpg

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Played By: Kelindel