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Mason could be the guy next door. Dark hair and brown eyes typically behind glasses. Almost always in t-shirts and jeans, Mason doesn't draw a lot of attention to himself. The only thing that's throwing it off is sometimes, when he's looking at, it's the thousand yard stare of someone who's seen more than their fair share.

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RP Hooks
One Time, At Band Camp: It's not hard to find out. Google the name or even have been paying attention to the news ten years ago. The incident was straight out of a horror movie: a summer camp in New York, Lake Cayuga Summer Camp, was the site of a brutal massacre. Mason and a small group of other campers were the only survivors. The killer was never apprehended, but the news at the time loved to throw out pictures of a bloodied and terrified teenage Mason. If your character is a fan of urban legends, the Lake Cayuga Killer has quickly become one of them.

Hellhouse: A few years ago, Mason's name popped up again. The survivor of the Camp Cayuga Massacre returned to the City and bought a townhouse in Hell's Kitchen. There the rumors get wild. Apparently he's insane, believing that the killer is going to come back, and he's turned the house into a giant trap. He doesn't leave. There's robot guards. The more the rumors spread, the wilder they get, but there's a grain of truth: the neighborhood refers to Mason's home as Hellhouse, maybe for what they think is inside, or maybe because of who lives there.

Security Detail: How did Mason afford that expensive-ass Manhattan townhouse? Kent Security, a business founded by Mason that specializes in physical and electronic security. It's pricey but it's effective and catered to the client. Several prominent New York citizens have had their homes fitted with state of the art security systems, and there are rumors of government contracts. More important, however, are the rumors that some of the security systems are illegal. Stories of lethal traps and noxious gas circulate.

One Two Punch: Recently Mason has been getting out in the world once more. One of the first things he did was sign up for self defense classes and a membership at a shooting range. The look he gives the target when aiming down the sights can be unsettling.

Amateur Occultist: Mason's on several online groups devoted to the occult. He doesn't get involved in many of the high-minded ritual magic and day to day witchcraft. His interests lie more in the area of slashers and cryptids. Urban legends and the psychosis of serial killers draw his interest and he's spoken with several people online without revealing his exact identity, but he's planned physical meet-ups recently.

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Mason Kent

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AGE: 26
CONCEPT: Survivor, Security Consultant
  • Fame: Camp Slasher Survivor Dot-filled.png

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Played By: YoGrendel