Marie Klein

From Dark City
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RP Hooks
  • Oh, I Know Her - Marie isn't a New York native. She hasn't even been in the city that long. But it seems like everyone knows her. Or, well, they know who they think she is. You can ask one person and they believe her to be the daughter of an investment banker, a good time girl ready to party. Ask another and she's a hardass CEO, grinding her employees, and her competition, to the bone. Who is Marie Klein? The internet is no help in determining just who she is, giving as much false information as anyone is spoken to.
  • The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants: - No matter who she is, Marie always has a paramour. Always. And they never survive the experience. She loves to date the friends of people she knows. Maybe you can set her up.
Marie Klein (NPC)
Deedname: Heartbreaker
Pronouns: She/Her
Apparent Age: 25
Occupation: Unknown

Auspice: None
Tribe: Ivory Claw
Pack: Legacy

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