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History: A Canadian transplant and supernatural genre novelist, Marie has earned a small bit of fame for her Witching Nights series. Beyond that, she's known to be fairly nerdy and very happy to engage with fans and aspiring writers. She's been spotted at conventions, both as a convention goer and as a guest author. Little is known about her family, though she's easily traced back to a sleepy town outside of Montreal, Mirabel. Her family simply has little to no online footprint and has done nothing to garner attention of their own. She's recently moved to New York and is looking to gain full citizenship.

Personality: Nerdy and intense, Marie loves geek culture nearly as much as she loves exploring the Hisil and meeting new and interesting spirits. She can be fun-loving and free-spirited, but the moment her duty as a werewolf comes into play, she's all business. She hates seeing people Claimed and Ridden. When not werewolfing or writing, she's often playing video games.

Looks: Marie is of average height with cute but ultimately unremarkable features. She usually dresses in nice, comfy clothes in jewel tones and favors natural fabrics over synthetics. Her hair is usually in a messy braid and she rarely wears more than understated makeup.

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RP Hooks
Bigger on the Inside: Marie is a geek and loves to connect with others that have a similar love of fantasy and fiction. She regularly attends conventions and has published her own series of supernatural horror, The Witching Nights.

Not Quite a Big Bad Wolf: Marie is finally stepping into the Uratha society in New York, after getting somewhat settled in with the spirits of the city. She's in need of a new pack and more Uratha and Uragarum friends and family.

Each To Their Own Side: A Shadow Lord and Ithauer, Marie is dead serious when it comes to keeping the Spirit and the Flesh in their proper places. If there's a problem with spirits going on, she'll likely lend a helping hand and thank you for bringing her in.

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Marie DeBlanc
Marie DeBlanc

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Full Name: Marie Alexis DeBlanc

Pronouns: She/Her
Languages: English, French
Occupation: Novel Writer
Age: 26
Height: 5'6"

Deedname: Wise-Word-Spinner
Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Spirit Rank: Hursah

Cunning -
Glory -
Honor ●●
Purity -
Wisdom ●●●

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Played By: MalachiteDrake