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Maria Greene is just another young person living in the city, or so she would seem before you get a closer look. In reality, she's been Wolf-Blooded for as long as she can remember, always just out of place in fully human communities. Her eccentric dressing choices and strangely colored eyes were more than enough to make her a social outcast in her youth, so she took to running through the streets of the city, alone but for the rush of blood in her veins and the sound of the wind whipping past her ears.

Her runs didn't go incident-free, though. She occasionally had run ins with some of the less savory denizens of NYC, and so she learned how to fight to get out of these sticky situations. As a result, she can handle herself startling well in a fight, considerably better than one might assume upon meeting her, as she appears generally non-threatening.

Upon being introduced to the wider Wolf community of NYC, she had several sessions with Faris McKinnon. About what, she won't tell anyone else.

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RP Hooks
Running with the Wolves: Maria loves to run through the city when she gets the chance. It gets her into trouble more often than she'd like to admit.

From the Streets: She learned how to throw a punch because the alternative was getting the shit kicked out of her. She can be found at the gym sometimes making sure she doesn't get rusty.

Order up!: She has a job delivering food for a local restaurant called Fred's Wings, so it's not uncommon to just see her around doing her job.

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Maria Greene
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Name: Maria Greene
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 22
Height: 5'6"
Wolf-Blooded Merits/Tells: Piercing Eyes
Second Skin
Skolis-Ur's Blood
Pack: Luck of the Sea

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Played By: User:Capn-geek