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Description: Marcus is a handsome fellow all told, often found with a smile on his face and a curious spark in dark hazel eyes. While well-built he leans more towards a swimmer or runner than a body-builder, cleaning up very nicely when the need arises.

Personality: Patience has been a virtue of the young Bound from a very early age, along with an optimistic view on the world that only grew after his return from the dead. Marcus is quick to offer a helping hand and a smile to anyone who needs it, whether living or dead, with a cheeriness that some might question the authenticity of but is as sincere as they come.

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  • Andrew Hoffman - Sarcastic is an understatement, but there's a heart in there somewhere.
  • Lucinda Du Pont - A woman who walks to the beat of her own drum, no matter the circumstances.


  • Ian Hale - A good man with a good head on his shoulders. I look forward to working beside you.
  • Kyler Caulfield-Brooks - The other half of my heart, and why I came back from the black.
  • Scarlett O'Rinn - We haven't talked much yet, but you're someone worth knowing, no question of that.


  • Veda Rivera - She's as curious as I am, which is both a blessing and a curse.

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RP Hooks
  • Son of Kamduis-Ur: Marcus was raised among the People as part of a Bone-Shadow-heavy pack in upstate New York near the border with Quebec, blessed by the Urfarah and Kamduis-Ur to see and speak for the spirits and ghosts that surrounded him. While some of those gifts have been replaced by the presence of his Geist he maintains the mindset that being what he is now allows him to walk in the steps of Death Wolf in his own way.
  • Hungry for Knowledge: Although new to the Twilight Network of New York City Marcus has been among the Bound since 2019 after an incident with a river-bound magath that went south in a hurry. While he's managed well enough on his own the need to find proper tutelage has brought him to the city and he is actively seeking out a mentor.
  • NYU Alumnus: Marcus graduated from NYU's School of Art in 2016 with a focus on drawing. He was also an active member of the LGBTQ+ center attached to the college and has continued doing work with the local community after returning to the city.
  • Illustrated Man: Marcus turned his artistic talents towards tattoo work after graduating college, working at a number of parlors farther upstate before starting at Red Baron Ink in January 2021. The idea of opening a studio of his own with his partner has been percolating as of late but is still on the horizon.

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Shaping Dead Clay: Forms of the Caul

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Marcus Caulfield-Brooks

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AGE: 25
BIRTHDAY: February 5th, 1996
DEATHDAY: March 15th, 2019
HEIGHT: 5'8"
PROFESSION: Tattoo Artist at Red Baron Ink
Professional Training (Artist) 3

BURDEN: The Bereaved
ARCHETYPE: The Mourners

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Rank: 3

Description: The Wild Child is a young girl, maybe ten at the oldest, with sunken features belying a death from exposure to the elements and a mess of dirty blond hair left tangled with briars and brambles woven within. The Child is very inquisitive, regularly questioning things around her and feeding into her Bound's own native curiosity. Marcus has taken to calling the Child Nell after the movie of the same name, if only to have a name to use.


Liminal Aura: Whispers just beyond the edge of clarity, matched with something cold and black looking back out from Marcus' eyes. (Radius 20 yards, Anchor Condition)

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Played By: QuicksilverFox85