Manny King

From Dark City

Manny King
TribeStorm Lords
StatusRetired PC



King is a small man in a world meant for big people. His stature is probably the first thing people notice about him. But it's quickly upstaged by the brilliant gleam of his Antarctic-blue eyes. The piercing irises feel like pairs of hyper intense lasers burning holes in their target.

But even those wolf eyes are forgotten once King speaks in his extremely deep, rumbling voice reminiscent of broken glass and gravel running through a concrete mixer.

Confusingly, when he sings, his voice changes to a much smoother, higher pitch which gets compared to various pop singers. Some people speculate whether or not he feigns his speaking voice.

The Man:

A recent success on the internet, King is a viral-hit musician, influencer, conspiracy theorist, gamer, hacker, and podcaster. His fame is mostly concentrated in the New York area, but his fandom continues to rapidly expand into new borders.

King does not stick to any particular musical genre, ranging from emo-punk type songs to pop, rap, metal, and whatever is popular at the moment. His music is often criticized for its over the top lyrics, lack of production value, and over reliance on samples. Many of his fans claim to enjoy his music ironically. But that doesn't stop them from voraciously defending their 'King' and propping him up as a sort of pop culture Jesus.

As an ex-Marine, King has a lot of negative things to say about his former profession and he bashes it heavily, discouraging young people from joining. His open criticism of the military leaves him the subject of fierce debates in online comment sections. Opinions on him vary from him being a truth-speaking rebel to just a crackpot hack musician.

The Wolf:

King experienced his first change about a year ago, after a severe injury he experienced during his Marine service had him returned home to New York City. It wasn't long after going on a spirit-killing rampage that he was taken under the guidance of the Storm Lords.

King is still learning to settle into his role as a Stormlord warrior. But he enjoys it to the fullest and loves fighting spirits. He actively seeks out violent and dangerous spirits to confront, in search of greater glory. He has a bit of a napoleon complex and compensates for his size with a vicious attitude.

A hunter still in the making, King is trying to gain enough experience to go from follower in the pack to leader of the hunt.

King's Urhan form is noticeably smaller than others. A jet black wolf with the same shocking blue eyes as his human self. Though feral-looking, the size of the wolf makes it easy to mistake for a small dog.

His Urshal form is not much larger than his Urhan, but it has elongated limbs which allow him to crawl with a disturbing gait so human-like that it sends shivers up the spine of anyone watching.

King's Dalu form resembles his normal self, but with psychotic bloodshot eyes, patches of dark fur growth all over his body, an elongated, almost muzzle-like face, and a mouthful of slightly blunt but powerful looking fangs. His muscles bulge, revealing a network of veins popping out from beneath the skin. His height rises to a full 5'11. Forever that last inch short of the sixth foot.

Only in King's Gauru form does he finally stand tall. Coming up at 6'8, he's in a special place where he can tower over the average human while still being a visible runt compared to his werewolf peers.

King's spirit brands appear as a brilliant blue glow, taking the form of a skull-like 'mask' over his face, arcane markings all over his body, and a crown-like halo around his head.


E-boy: E-kid subculture is influenced by emo/scene, rap, anime, the internet, and about a million other things. It's highly centered around online presences and memetics.

Dwayyo: A werewolf-like cryptid known for its black, bushy fur, odd walk, and horrid scream.

RP Hooks

Music maker, dreamer of dreams: While King's music skills are base-breaking, he has a big fandom and many people consider him their guilty pleasure.

Script Kiddie: He claims to be a big shot hacker and star gamer, but the reality is he's a total n00b.

Darkstalker: For someone famous, he's surprisingly good at getting around unnoticed.

Live to Hunt: King enjoys the hunt greatly. He'll take any opportunity he can get. Some consider him a bit disturbing to be around during Siskur-Dah.

Apex Predator: Don't let his small size fool you. King is an incredibly dangerous ambush fighter.

Lone Wolf: Up until now, King has been relied on guidance from his tribe. But it's time he finds a pack to fight for.

Deadbeat: King has a long lost Uratha father who he's had no luck finding. Though all leads seem to be a dead end, he's easily manipulated by the hope that he can one day find the guy (and punch him in the mouth).


"It's time you showed them who you really are, superstar." - Maddie Wesson

"If words were kindling, King would never get cold." - Zoe St. Clair

"If you’re hiding something, it’s from yourself. Everyone else can see it clearly. We’re the hardest people to hide from." - Lena Navarre

"If your fans only knew what a sweet idiot you are." - Sakura Takahashi



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