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An online, text-based roleplaying game in the Chronicles of Darkness.

The current chronicle is Carnivale located on the western coast of the United States, modern day, featuring Promethean: the Created 2nd Edition.

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Most Recent Logs from Carnivale

Title Date Location Cast Summary
The Face of Darkness 2024-02-28 A Junkyard Bastian Bastian faces off against a terrible creature.
What Could Go Wrong? 2024-02-28 Tycho Tycho has trauma.
The Call of Divine Fire Jack, Maisie, Tycho Three Prometheans and a baby (Promethean)
Make Em Sing 2024-02-23 Cupid Cupid meets Jaden and convinces the man to follow his singing dreams.
When Lightning Strikes 2024-02-16 Reno Jack, Maisie, Tycho Tycho, Maisie, and Jack are out on a casual stroll when they run into something unexpected.
Potato Tears 2024-02-11 Jack's Trailer Jack, Tycho Jack gives Tycho vodka and shows him the books she got on vampires. They agree Tomas needs to die.
Valentine's Day Gift 2024-02-14 Jack's Trailer Maisie Maisie leaves a gift for Jack.
Real Heartache in a Fake Heart 2024-02-12 Jack's Trailer Jack, Maisie Jack shows Maisie some books she found on vampires, for science and for murder.
Beacon in the Sky 2024-02-16 Bastian, Oz Bastian and Oz investigate the mysterious Azothic resonance at the top of the old casino. They face familiar dangers, and Bastian learns a secret.
Acrobrats 2024-01-28 Le Carnivale Magnifique Cupid, Tycho Cupid and Tycho talk about humans while going through a routine.

Open Plots in Carnivale

 StorytellerCastPlot Summary
Reno, NVRaddishTycho, Oz, Maisie, Cupid, Bastian, JackEscaping the Firestorm of Phoenix, the Throng makes their way towards a fresh and quieter start in Reno.