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Dark City: New York is an online, play-by-chat role-playing game that takes place in the world presented by Chronicles of Darkness from Onyx Path. The game is set in present-day New York City.

Dark City has a proactive team of STs regularly driving plots that range from small-scale to large. This game is intended for adults and should be considered R-Rated.

This wiki serves as a documentation tool for the setting, rules, game conventions, plot tracking, scene logging, and more; gameplay itself takes place on a Discord server, which you are encouraged to join prior to submitting a character application.

On This Day: May 20

1985 - The Pure began executing a carefully laid plan to swarm the Forsaken out of New York and drive them back in what became known as The Great Reclamation.

Dark City is not affiliated with Onyx Path Publishing, White Wolf, or Paradox Interactive.