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"Lady-like is the beastliest word there is, I think. If a girl isn't a lady, it isn't worthwhile to only be like one, she'd better let it alone and be a free and happy bounder." -E Nesbit

Dr. Adalaide-Maebh Lovelace, otherwise known as Ada was born some time in the late 1920s. That isn't to say that she's old fashioned, there will be no asking of father's permission thank you very much, but she is a lady to a fault. Dotting her i's and crossing her t's, minding her p's and q's, nary a hair out of place or a misstep on the street.

A Mask for the Maiden
Perfectly mannered in all things, it can be a restricting life but it's what Ada chose for herself. Those are terms on which she bases her life, kindness first, mind your words and always give others the due. Exceedingly long crimson hair, a vintage almost pin-up style and an endless array of glasses, hats and face covering accessories always adorn Ada. When out of her scrubs she's often found in heels, dresses and refinery. Her manicure almost seems to suit mid spring weather even during the dead of winter or the crispest autumnal days.

Mein Attraction~
Ah what is there to say about the one who survived? Alas there isn't much to say at all... it's been written into her bone. The horrified scrawling of the ones who fought and fought who lost... and lost... and lost. Her body is paper, bent and warped and splattered with ink. Bloody red ink drips from what once was fingers. Now they are the tips of pens. A playful joke to the surgeon who would not cut. 'Is the pen mightier than the sword?'

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RP Hooks

  • Nurse Joyeux - Adelaide is a ER surgeon at the HHC-Public Hospital in Manhattan. Works some of the longest shifts and is the first in line to cover for others shifts. There is almost never a time when Adelaide is not on call and prepared to leave at the drop of a hat to assist someone in need. If you've ever had a check up it's very likely you've at some point seen Adelaide. She is also the Joyeux of the Freehold, with her personal drive to improve the lives of everyone around her. Though she was the Joyeux for a long time before now she has only started fulfilling her duties in earnest now... hopefully not to late.

  • Not Your City? NYC - When not cloistered in the Hedge or working as a defense attorney Ada can be seen walking and wandering the streets of New York interviewing people. Supernatural or otherwise she always has time (and often kind words) for the lost and aimless, at least with her everyone is welcome. Ada has a strange way of always showing up when she's needed and always knowing just what to say, timing is, after all, everything.

  • Mixed Messages - They say romance needs clarity, but baby that don't work for me~ Ada is always open to love in all the wrong places, she's particularly drawn the messy torrid heart wrenching kind. Whirlwind first dates, dramatic one night stands, star-crossed lovers, oh the list goes on and on my dear! If there is one fatal flaw Ada has it's a lust, in all it's forms yes but especially for romantic thrills~

  • Imaginary Friends - Ada has a beautiful vintage sky blue Harley lovingly called Imogen. The bike is in nearly perfect condition, it's paint is flawless, leather seats are supple and stuffed and the chrome is polished to a shine. Imogen is a beautiful bike... at least when he's not hedge side. In the hedge Imogen is a massive creature with broad shoulders, razor sharp talons, massive flighted wings and fluffy fur. Imogen is cuddly, friendly and kind. He's endlessly excited by New York having been introduced to it only a decade ago.


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Full Name: Adalaide-Maebh Lovelace, M.D.
Pronouns: She/Her They/Them
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Antiquarian
Age: 30 (Give or take some decades)
Height: 5'0
Mantle: Spring
Occupation: ER Surgeon in Manhatten & Host of 'Not Your City?'
Public Effects: Mantle Spring (2), Fae Mount (Imogen), Hedge Sense, Fame (1)
Title: Joyeux
Motley: N/A
Useful Things: N/A

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Played By: Seva