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A comforting face passing by in the park with a nod. The one who apologises when they bump into someone by accident. A friendly smile as she buys your coffee when you forgot your wallet. A ferry passenger who makes a stranger laugh.

You couldn't tell by looking at her that there is something else that lurks within Maddie. A beast to tame, and the ever-consuming battle of straddling two worlds. The woman, and the wolf.

Maddie is different now, whether her loved ones like it or not.

But her smile has never faded since she changed. It just has more purpose now.

The Woman: Maddie could be seen almost anywhere, with short gingery brown wavy hair and blue eyes. Typically wears outdoorsy clothes and a grin.

The Wolf: Slender than you'd expect, with gingery-brown fur and looks quick on her feet.

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RP Hooks
Bleeding Heart: Maddie can't help but feel compelled to look out for the strange or the sad. It is easy to tug on her heartstrings, and she rarely denies herself as a friendly ear.

Sunny Disposition: Whether it's how she has always been, or an act despite how her life has turned out, Maddie is the first to comment on how beautiful the sunset is, or admire when the stars are visible in the city sky. Is it naivety, or something more?

Practiced Patience: Her work with typically chaotic mortals means Maddie has an immense well of patience. It's when that well runs dry that others should be worried.

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Maddie Wesson
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Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 35
Height: 5'6"
Occupation: School Counselor, Camp Counselor
Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Storm Lords
Pack: None
Lodge: None

Public Effects:
Strings of the heart
Fleet of Foot

Cunning -
Glory -
Honor ●●
Purity ●
Wisdom ●●●

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Played By: HexsualSealing