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A comforting face passing by in the park with a nod. The one who apologises when they bump into someone by accident. A friendly smile as she buys your coffee when you forgot your wallet. A ferry passenger who makes a stranger laugh.

You couldn't tell by looking at her that there is something else that lurks within Maddie. A beast to tame, and the ever-consuming battle of straddling two worlds. The woman, and the wolf. Maddie is different, whether her loved ones like it or not. But her smile has never faded since she Changed, it just has more purpose now.

To some People, Maddie is the most unlikely Uratha, leaving many to wonder if the smiles, hugs and warm encouragement are all an act. Maybe it is, not that many will ever know. The Elodoth somehow manages to balance opening up her heart while keeping the right amount of walls up, allowing you to get to know just enough as she keeps the rest to herself, and all focus and questions turned back on you.

The Woman: Maddie could be seen almost anywhere, with short gingery brown wavy hair, freckles and blue eyes. Typically wears outdoorsy, practical clothes or cardigans and a grin.

The Wolf: Slender than you'd expect, with gingery-brown fur and looks quick on her feet.

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RP Hooks
Den Mother/Garama (Werewolf only): Maddie has recently been named the city's Garama (or Den Mother to the Blooded) by Ngozi Musa, the former holder of the title. It is an informal title, but if anyone ever needs support, advice, or just an ear to talk to, she is the wolf to go to in a time of need.

Bleeding Heart: Maddie can't help but feel compelled to look out for the strange or the sad. It is easy to tug on her heartstrings, and she rarely denies herself as a friendly ear.

Sunny Disposition: Whether it's how she has always been, or an act despite how her life has turned out, Maddie is the first to comment on how beautiful the sunset is, or admire when the stars are visible in the city sky. Is it naivety, or something more?

Practiced Patience: Her work with typically chaotic people in her mundane life means Maddie has an immense well of patience, a pretty good trait for a trained therapist. It's when that well runs dry that others should be worried.

Volunteer work: Maddie attempts to give back or help others in her spare time, often dedicated with filling her time to help those in need.

Outdoorsy: Maddie will take any excuse to be outside and loves to be immersed in nature. She has a ton of practical knowledge for the wilderness, as well as a wealth of fun animal or plant facts if given the chance to talk someone's ear off.

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Use any of these to help setup a scene!


  • Odd Hours and Always Out - Maddie keeps to all hours, her work (or rather several jobs) means she can be up at any time, even if it seems strange and inconvenient. What does she do? Eh... many things. Sometimes she may be half asleep on a bench somewhere. Does she ever sleep? Best not to ask, even if she clearly needs to sometimes.
  • An Eye For The Troubled - Maddie's good at spotting someone who needs a friendly ear or a shoulder to cry on, or just generally needs a helping hand. She may be unwilling to ever talk about herself but will always be willing to let you talk about you. She also has no qualms with approaching strangers.
  • Nature Lover - Maddie loves a stroll, run or general exploring of what outside has to offer. A park is a common place to find her if she's free (yes, at any hour. What does she do again?)
  • Galleries, curios and museums - Maddie loves learning and appreciating art, maybe you bump into one another somewhere cultural or educational, or maybe a niche book store or antique shop.
  • Are You Going To Finish That? - The woman is always hungry and always carries food on her to share. Maybe you're the lucky person who smelled her delicious baking.


  • Beast Talker - Maddie can be friendly with any kind of animal... helps they can understand her and she with them. Want the weirdest (arguably also the best) zoo experience of your life, or just someone to help you with that raccoon that doesn't understand your trash is not their home? Maddie can help!
  • Moooom! - You'd think people would be embarrassed by calling someone Mom by accident, but... people are doing it on purpose now. Maybe there's a reason, though it is unclear how the Uratha feels about that. Maddie is always happy to listen and give advice (and food!), plus the Half-Moon Storm Lord seems to relish in hearing your problems and trying to help you fix them. But remember, she won't fix things for you, the Iminir still thinks you need to be strong, even if you just need a little support.
  • Prying - The Half-Moon likes to keep on top of every bit of detail. Maddie can sense when a slight thread needs to be tugged and usually likes to pull until it all comes spilling out. Need to get something off your chest? Maddie will find the words for you and has a knack at getting to the heart of things, and only sometimes will you resent her for it.
  • Have You Met My Friend? - Maddie tries to watch out for as many Urdaga and Blooded as she can. This means if you are unsure who to speak to about something, Maddie may know the perfect contact for something you're working on to go ask!

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Maddie Wesson
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Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 36 (08 June, 1986)
Height: 5'6"
Occupation: School Counselor, Camp Counselor, Therapist for troubled youth.
Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Storm Lords
Pack: The Trials
Lodge: Lodge of Crows
Informal Title: Den Mother - Garama

Public Effects:
Primal Urge 2
Spirit Rank 3
Peacemaker (●●●)
Contacts (Crisis Counselors, Hospital Peer Support Specialists)
Allies (●●): Local Government

Cunning -
Glory ●
Honor ●●●●
Purity ●
Wisdom ●●●●

Music: Spotify Playlist

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"Wolf Mom Best Mom" - anonymous

"We don't deserve her." - Anonymous

"There are certainly those who have different values to the concept of weakness within our tribe. Her outlook resonates with me. I understand the sort of trials and tribulations that her actions must take, and the strength with which she must conduct herself in daily life to still maintain the kindness she shows others." - Salim Qadir

"Honestly, we joke about her as Wolf Mom, but seriously the title is fitting and as Wolf Mom she's... second only to my mother, and it's a close second." - Sean Sullivan

"She's the strongest Person I know. Kind when it's easier to be cruel, warm when it's easier to be cold. I don't know how she manages it, but I'm grateful she does." - Sam Garguilo

"I don't hate you." - Jҽɳƙσ

"Some say that Skolis-Ur has given you his strength. I think he's holding you back. Either way, there's nobody more dependable to have your back, and no better camping buddy." - Sakura Takahashi

"She's maddeningly nosy and equally secretive, but she's more family to me than my relatives are. I would do anything for her, if only she'd let me." - Alexis Donovan

"She is so damned determined to be a martyr for so many people that it is nearly impossible to keep her alive. I do not know if she knows the words triage, or acceptable casualties. I am doing my best, but it is truly hard to keep up with her bleeding heart. It is a good thing she is on a short list of friends or... I do not have a good end to that sentence. I do not want to lose her." - Salim Qadir

"I know that the motto of her tribe is to not let anyone tend her weaknesses - but the takes it a step further. She teaches anyone who will listen that motto-and empowers them to be better. She's a gift, and I hope that as time progresses, more of the People will take her advice. We will all be stronger for it." - Lena Navarre

"Heart is the strongest element on Captain Planet, just sayin'." - King

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Played By: HexualSealing