Lyle Henley

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Lyle Henley
Lyle Henley.png
BirthdateFebruary 14, 1998
ConceptThe Other Twin
Played ByJoshua Hartnett
Player NameJJ
SphereMortal+ (Special)
StatusActive NPC


Mask: The twin has differed from his brother during his time in Arcadia. His form has filled out, and carries another 40lbs of muscle. His hair is longer, thinner without the body and wildness of Kyle's. Dark eyes almost black. He seems to have aged from stress and fear, though his stern jaw and stoic nature now shows nothing of either. He is calm and reserved, though brutally violent when he must be.

Mein: A creature of the Bog Witch's realm, Lyle morphed into darkness itself returning as stone, a gargoyle with gothic leanings, massive bat wings, horns, and hoofed feet.


Taken by The Vrăjitoare, it is unknown why Lyle stayed behind in Arcadia while Kyle Henley and the others left it. He still seems to have little reason or desire to leave, but so far is inclined to help the group win their freedom from the Witch. He now serves loyally as The Vrăjitoare's right hand, alongside Jason Jordan.




Title Date Location Cast Summary
The Vrăjitoare 2023-07-23 Arcadia Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Lyle Henley, Jason Jordan, The Vrăjitoare, Henley The Lost are reminded of the bargain made.
The Vrăjitoare: Clem's Durance, summarized 2023-07-23 Arcadia Clem Barton, Lyle Henley Clem gets lost in Arcadia.
Oh Brother Where Art Thou 2023-09-14 Lucy Jordan, Jason Jordan, Lyle Henley Lucy reaches out to her brother for answers.