Luxidine Facility

From Dark City

Luxidine Facility
Chronicle Jericho
Owner Viktor Muller
Room Type Other

Built on the ruins of the old Coal Mine, the newly manufactured Luxidine Facility promises a bright new future for the people of Grey County. It sports a large central warehouse with machinery to produce very precise machine parts, a fully equipped medical wing for on site injuries, employee gym and sauna.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
The Job Fair 2023-06-27 Luxidine Facility Angel Cleary, Daryl Sutton, Rusty Murphy Three Jericho Local's turn up for a completely normal Job Fair
Daryl's Interview 2023-06-27 Luxidine Facility Daryl Sutton Daryl gets a strange feeling during an interview
Angel's Interview 2023-06-27 Luxidine Facility Angel Cleary Angel gets a job with out even trying.
Rusty's Interview 2023-06-27 Luxidine Facility Rusty Murphy Rusty hallucinates an Action Movie, and still gets the job.
Welcome to The Program 2023-07-14 Luxidine Facility Angel Cleary, Eric Schmidt, Daryl Sutton, Rusty Murphy An unexpected interview leads the group to join The Program.
Debriefing Levi 2023-08-22 Luxidine Facility Levi June, Taurus Taurus finds Levi after the incident
I Would Never Leave You 2023-08-21 Luxidine Facility Jamie Murphy, Rusty Murphy Jamie goes to visit Rusty in Luxidine's medical facility after his near-fatal accident.
I love you, buddy 2023-08-22 Luxidine Facility Rusty Murphy, Angel Cleary Rusty manages to stay alive, but has a conversation while out of it with Angel
Wish it were more straightforward 2023-08-25 Luxidine Facility Daryl Sutton, Rusty Murphy Daryl visits Rusty in the Luxidine medical facility
Boring is Good 2023-09-26 Luxidine Facility Levi June, Rusty Murphy Levi meets the man who saved his life, except they've already met.
The Duat Protocol Luxidine Facility Taurus, Rusty Murphy, Levi June, Kora Liu, Angel Cleary, Eric Schmidt An unexpected visit from upper management leads to a team-building exercise.
Gods and Monsters 2023-08-24 Luxidine Facility Rusty Murphy, Eric Schmidt Another visitor to poor hurt Rusty!
The Annual Review 2023-12-16 Luxidine Facility Angel Cleary, Daryl Sutton Part One of the Mortal Finale
The Report 2023-12-16 Luxidine Facility Angel Cleary, Rusty Murphy Part Two of the Mortal Finale