Lukian Damikoff

From Dark City

The Fighter

Description: A tall man with a brawny and defined body, similar to other middleweight fighters of championships. Brown hair with a gray hear and behind that, a serious face. He normally wears sports gear and, in formal ocassions, a suit. He always walks upright, and he takes care of his appareance.

Personality: Despite his serious and unfriendly expression, Lukian is a cheerful, friendly and optimistic man. He tends to take things personally, puts all his efforts and seriousness in what he does and in helping others. Sometimes sadness fills his face, remembering his past, but he overcomes it and tries to move to a better future.

Liminal Aura: Wherever he goes he leaves a feeling of calm, similar to being in a room that has not been touched in years. This is accompanied by chills and the feeling of loneliness. People say he carries with him the air of mother Russia.

The Mourning Weaver: A woman wearing a black hooded robe. She hasn´t shown her face, but sometimes when she is knitting, her hands are visibles. Thin and wrinkled hands, so she is believed to be an old woman. As such she moves as one, although she seems to slide. Nobody knows, since her feets could not be seen.

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RP Hooks
The advantages of Fame?: Sure, now Lukian has a little fame. Some people at the gymn recognizes him, his sponsor listens to his requests more often, even this small influence helps him find out things. But now he is often disguised, so as not to attract attention. Most fans are at best a minor annoyance, but some are envious of the success of others ...

Pursuing the dream: Now he has the fortitude to take a lost fight and turn it in motivation. He wants to reach high too. But now this is not only for personal satisfaction. His only expertise is punching. The ring will also bring him closer to his family, and to became the father he never was...

A helping hand for both worlds: People needs help, he once needed help. The Weaver helped him, but, what about the others? He can't do much, but it is always better to have someone to support you than take the hard way on your own...

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Lukian Damikoff
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The Mourning Weaver


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AGE: 31

CONCEPT: Frustated aspiring boxer

PUBLIC EFFECTS: Liminal Aura, Fame(1)

BURDEN: The Kindly

ARCHTYPE: The Pilgrims



AURA RANGE: 30 yards


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Played By: Anunorav