Lucy Jordan

From Dark City

Lucy Jordan
BirthdateAugust 25, 1999
OccupationElementary School Teacher
Concept(Formerly) All-American Girl
Played ByGeorgie Anderson
Player NameNeon
SphereMortal+ (Special)
StatusActive PC


Lucy is a willowy girl with sad eyes and a tired, but persistent smile. Her clothes are carefully chosen, and she's usually impeccably dressed with thrift store-chic, but there's always something a little off. Wrinkles and tears left unnoticed and un-mended. Her dark hair is always a little tangled and wild.


Lucy is the younger daughter of a single mother, Amanda Jordan. Her father had died in Iraq, shortly after she was born. Before her disappearance, Lucy was known as her elder brother's keeper - the bright-eyed, loyal minder of Jason Jordan, town addict and general ne'er-do-well. No matter what happened with him, she was always there to post bail and drive him home. She kept smiling, too, through it all - her students at Jericho K-12 saw nothing but a kind, young teacher who wanted the best for her students.

Then her brother overdosed, and it fell apart. Or so she thought. Then she disappeared. Now things really have fallen apart.

RP Hooks

Small Town Teacher: It's a small town with one school. Lucy's a fresh face as far as teachers go, but she might be teaching your child or younger sibling.

Faith, Deferred: Lucy used to spend a lot of time at New Grace, volunteering and participating in community activities. She and her mother used to be in the pews every Sunday. Since Lucy's come back, though, it's only Amanda Jordan in the pews every Sunday. Did the woods take her faith?

Good Influence: Lucy did her best to be a good influence and ally to her older brother and his group of town-delinquents. She's forgiving, a good listener, and always willing to lend a hand. A lot of them still have her number saved in her phone, just in case of emergency. Maybe you're one of them.

That Winter in the Woods: She went missing for most of last winter. To hear her mother tell it, Lucy went for a walk in the woods, and didn't come back for three months. The search team they sent out found little, aside from one of her pink flats tossed off the side of her favorite trail. Rumors spread in the wake of her disappearance; suddenly, everyone seemed to know Jordan Family secrets. Some people speculated she'd killed herself, even - until winter turned to spring, and she walked out of those woods, barefoot, smiling, and fine.





Title Date Location Cast Summary
Tension at the Schooner 2023-06-12 The Schooner Bar & Grill Travis Martinez, Rusty Murphy, Lucy Jordan, James Evans, Jamie Murphy A quiet night full of tension at the bar and grill.
A Strange Sanctuary Waffle House Lucy Jordan, Travis Martinez Travis and Lucy dance around their real issues.
Happy Hour at the ER 2023-06-19 Jericho Emergency Medical Arlene Kinsey, Jamie Murphy, Lucy Jordan, Henley Henley and Lucy having synchronized medical emergencies and leave everyone confused, including themselves.
Session 0: Lucy Jordan 2023-06-19 Grey County Public School Lucy Jordan Lucy has a dream that hurts.
Detox Disco & the Concussion Conga 2023-06-20 Jericho Emergency Medical Jamie Murphy, Lucy Jordan, Henley Thanks to Jamie's excellent medical skills, Lucy finishes her overnight stay at the ER... as does Henley, despite Jamie's better judgement.
The Hootenanny 2023-06-16 Angel Cleary, Travis Martinez, Rusty Murphy, Lucy Jordan, Laura Thompson, Jamie Murphy, Arlene Kinsey, Eddie Jenkins, Rebecca Willows A Hootenanny at June's Country Kitchen
Ritual Reunion 2023-06-25 Hutchin's Pond Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan Hasil and Lucy run into each other out by the pond
The Waffle House Conspiracy 2023-06-26 Waffle House Lucy Jordan, Henley Lucy reaches out to Henley and they have get conspiratorial behind the Waffle House.
A Story Untold: Part 1 2023-06-01 Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Henley A sister fetches her twin.
Lucy at The Jericho Historical Society 2023-06-25 Jericho Historical Society Lucy Jordan, Jenny Nelson Lucy looks for answers beyond the library.
Checking on Clem 2023-06-28 Waffle House Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan Lucy checks on Clem. A few secrets are revealed, to both of their relief.
Breaking into the past 2023-06-30 Jericho Historical Society Lucy Jordan, Jenny Nelson, The Vrăjitoare, Henley Henley and Lucy ride in the trans am and do crimes.
A Grave Affair 2023-07-03 Bethlem Memorial Cemetery Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Henley Lucy and Henley meet Hasil at the cemetery for a fruitless hunt
4th of July - In the Backyard 2023-07-04 Thompson Farmhouse Arlene Kinsey, Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan, Rusty Murphy, Travis Martinez, Henley The outcasts gather outside and have a party of their own.
Burnt Offerings 2023-07-05 Jordan Residence Lucy Jordan, Henley Lucy calls Henley over for revelation after revelation.
Missed Connections 2023-07-05 Hutchin's Pond Lucy Jordan, Arlene Kinsey Lucy and Arlene don't hate each other.
Dinner and Discord 2023-07-07 The Schooner Bar & Grill Angel Cleary, Lucy Jordan, Hasil Hurst, Travis Martinez Lucy tries to enjoy a quiet meal at the Schooner while Travis and Angel try to make each other squirm, and Hasil makes things awkward
Hurst Huddle 2023-07-08 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Henley Henley gathers Hasil and Lucy to catch everyone up and talk strategy.
Debrief or Confession? 2023-07-02 Clem's House Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan Lucy confesses, Clem attempts to console.
Discussing Plots 2023-07-14 Shelly Mansion Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan, Lisbet Shelly, Briar Shelly Lucy and Clem start asking about Dead Hursts.
Riverside Reflections 2023-07-10 Hutchin's Pond Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan Lucy and Hasil catch up at the Pond
Untethered Shadows 2023-07-21 Jordan Residence Lucy Jordan, Henley Henley shares disturbing revelations with Lucy, and tries to dissuade her from obsessing over these strange events to the exclusion of living her own life along the way.
The Vrăjitoare 2023-07-23 Arcadia Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Lyle Henley, Jason Jordan, The Vrăjitoare, Henley The Lost are reminded of the bargain made.
The Vrăjitoare: Lucy's Durance, summarized 2023-07-23 Arcadia Lucy Jordan Lucy gets lost in Arcadia
Comforting Reunion 2023-07-26 Jordan Residence Lucy Jordan, Henley Henley and Lucy reunite and begin to heal after their time in Arcadia.
Waffle House Encounter 2023-08-10 Waffle House Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan Clem and Lucy get a few shady customers.
What's a little stalking between friends? 2023-08-27 The Quality Inn Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan, Henley Henley rallies the Motley after being attacked, Ingril and her friend Chestley happen to show up, since they were keeping an eye on the motley in secret.
Dead Man's Curve 2023-09-01 Dead Man's Curve Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Ralph Wachter, Helen Wachter, Henley Henley and Ralph have a low-stakes race for fun, with the Motley all playing a role. All goes as could be expected.
Broken Shattered Pieces 2023-09-07 Lucy Jordan, The Vrăjitoare Lucy wakes up in the Vrăjitoare's realm.
Rest and Retaliation 2023-09-09 Charlie's Hollow Lucy Jordan, Ingril, Henley Lucy wakes up with new plans.
Oh Brother Where Art Thou 2023-09-14 Lucy Jordan, Jason Jordan, Lyle Henley Lucy reaches out to her brother for answers.
Tales from the Crypt 2023-09-16 Bethlem Cemetery Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan, Lisbet Shelly, Henley Lisbet Shelly leads the Motley into the Underworld to help them learn the lessons of the past.
Motley Crew 2023-09-24 Charlie's Hollow Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Henley Clem and Henley catch the others up and plan their next move.
Doing the Impossible 2023-10-01 Hurst Cabin Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Ralph Wachter, The Vrăjitoare, Bristol, Josie, Henley It was an impossible dream.
Celebrations After Some Delay 2023-10-15 Charlie's Hollow Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan, Henley Lucy, Clem and Henley talk next steps.