Luck of the Sea

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Luck of the Sea


Luck of the Sea

Based out of Queens, Luck of the Sea is very good at staying close to the human side for discreet hunts. Looking to do some good in the world, this pack is monitoring JFK for any incoming threats to the city.

Contact: Barrett

Territory: Oceanview, Queens


Deeds & Rumors

  • Barrett closed the wound at Sing Sing.
  • Barrett removed a parasitic spirit from a fellow member of the Tribes of the Moon.
  • Em killed a Host before becoming blooded
  • Helped kill the Claimed Animal Control and its devourer hounds with Simon Hill and Erik Samuelson after Annemieke was taken.
  • Maria outran a devourer hound while in Hishu.
  • Luck of the Sea closed the JFK Wound