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As a recent arrival in New York City, Luca has been working hard to establish his presence within the society of kindred and mortals alike; setting roots as he observed the night's turning from his mansion in the forgotten borough. The serpent knows to wait and he lacks not any means to pass the time. Though sooner or later, he would need to emerge from his burrow and faced the other beasts of the night.

Appearance: Fair skinned, fair haired; A poise of maiden's grace. His is a blend of softness and rigidity, in beauty most adored by all. He wears his smile generously, yet it bores not in the slightest. Clad in modesty, his allure radiates under a veneer of austerity. Intuitively baring himself as demure and open like an innocent doe, for indeed his beast knows best how to imitate a prey.

Personality: Always been rather trusting in nature, Luca holds closely onto his compassion despite the weight of sin on his tainted, scarred soul. For truly, it is the very same quality that earned him the genuine love from his Sire. Though not one of the better virtue for Kindred, it nonetheless had served him well in his life (and unlife). Slow to judge but decisive when it counts, his study into the nature of humanity and soul confers him a great deal of patience and tolerance uncommon to his kind. Though as all kindred do, there will always be darkness buried within.

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RP Hooks
THE SERPENT OF MONAD - From the systematic science of life and death to the art of esotery, his research on the linchpin of the state of undead is a foray in multiple spheres of knowledge. This serves as a groundwork for most of his experiments and fortunately, up until this point his eclectic approach has brought him satisfactory results. Regardless, he's willing to share and receive some input from his peers within the Order.

TWILIGHT EMINENCE - Despite being lesser in term of knowledge base, Luca is otherwise a master in delegation and organization. Utilizing decades of experience in dealing with people--made easier by the virtue of his clan heritage--he and his group of loyal devotees were able to amass a large amount of repositories containing various writing of occult as well as historical and mythical accounts of ancient Kindred. Some of the most arcane of findings were were donated into the Order's collections, and his effort certainly earned him a place among the Sworn. It is known that he is working on a sanction to start researching some of the more prohibited and controversial coils, and his current study into humanity reflects his dedication to the cause.

LA FAMIGLIA DI BELLUCCINI - La famiglia e tutto. Family is everything. A common saying, a common predisposition. Despite no longer being able to fully insert himself into humanity's flock, regardless Luca maintains the value of this particular tradition among his people, taking care of them and properly looking out for their well-being. Personally he kept a moderate amount of entourages who were sworn into eternal devotion through usage of the Wish, and a single Ghoul as his trusted confidant. Doesn't mean he's not open to the idea of more...

MINOR PHILANTHROPY - The folks of the Southern part of Staten Island have been talking about the new master of the House in Nicolosi Loop being a man of gregarious sort, who likes to mingle with the locals and treats them drinks. Such a pretty thing that lad is! Coming from Milan to settle here with his big family. Heard he's a rich man, since he's been throwing a lot of money to support the community. Rumour is, he's still single, so the Italians invited him for dinner all the time. Probably just to introduce their daughters--and sons.

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Luca Angelo Belluccini

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The Masquerade

Real Age: 50
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 5'9
Weight: 127lb.
Built: Gracile
Occupation: Primo Ballerino, Artistic Director, Patron, Owner of La Bisma Roving Theatre Dance Troupe

The Requiem

Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Unknown
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Title: Dedicated Initiate of the Curse

Public Effects:

  • Composure •••• Resolve •••• Dexterity •••• Athletics •••• Expression (Dance) ••••
    Resource •••••
  • Multilingual: English, Italian, Latin
  • Status II: Ordo Dracul - Initiate
  • Status I: City - The Invited
  • Status II: Arts, Media & Society - Guest Principal Dancer and Philanthropist
  • Status I: Crime - Host to Genovese's Legal Front Casino
  • Striking Looks II: Beautiful
  • Professional Training V: Ballet Dancer
  • Sworn of the Dying Light

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