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Note: This plot is intended for the Invictus within the Vampire Sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Kindred and Ghoul characters within the Invictus.


Rhett Townsend suspects a masquerade breach.

Plot Details So Far

Word begins to echo through the halls that Rhett Townsend is looking for assistance. A new artist that goes by a pen name Ceres is producing some intriguing paintings - what he believes might be a masquerade breach. The details of the paintings a little too realistically intricate including symbolism which leans towards the REDACTED.

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IC Rumors

  • Quinn Martin: Investigation of the painting (still with Mr Townsend) provided some insight
    • The painting was created by a woman named Raina, in a studio (rafters, brick, wide open) with a view of the Statue of Liberty. Exact location has not been researched yet. Raina was in her 20s at the time of creation.
    • The painting was a secret confession, a letter of love, desire, and companionship. It was stored in a home originally.
    • The symbols on the ribs are telling, but they are mundane. There is no evidence that the painting has any supernatural traits, outside of the content. The symbols could imply many things -- they are dedicated to their faith, or they are trapped by their faith, or metaphor for commitment, loyalty, or servitude to their faith.
  • Quinn Martin: Suggested lines of inquiry
    • Angel's Share: The bar where the painting was found.
    • Raina: Who was Raina? Are they still alive? She would be in her 30s-40s.
    • Raina's Studio: Track it down based on the description and the angle from the Statue of Liberty.
    • Timeline: The painting was created thirteen (13) years ago, this pre-dates the 'opening' of New York.
  • Quinn Martin: Missing Information
    • Who received the painting and where did they display it (before the Angel's Share)
    • Exact location of Raina's Apartment
  • Quinn Martin: Proposal
    • I'll do some research on Raina. See if I can get more information, current whereabouts, so on.
    • Let's get a group to visit Angel's Share. Would appreciate backup that can chat up people while I sneak around and investigate.
  • Quinn Martin: Updates
    • Ithica Art Gallery was owned and operated by Raina Kalos for almost twenty years. She opened it in 1994 when she was 22. She was a successful painter who taught classes and worked with ex-convicts to share the stories of their incarceration. It went out of business more than 7 years ago, and is currently an Organic Co-Op grocery store. Raina was successful until it started dwindling in 2011, causing her to sublet the building to other small businesses and families, before finally selling it in 2014.
    • Raina Kalos has become a recluse. She paints under the name Ceres and has retreated into a private life. As of now, I have no current or forwarding addresses.
    • Still recommending more research at Angel's Share.
  • Arthur Wayland: Actions and Investigation
    • Arthur has put his boots on the ground as it were and spent time visiting a number of local galleries. He strikes it lucky when meeting someone at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea.
    • 'Ceres' Stopped painting until very recently, the person being spoken to says the new ones lack 'Soul' and that any legacy they had is ruined as a result. Though they might still have value to a collector.
    • Arthur locates a 'Ceres' piece at the Gagosian Gallery, a rather mundane landscape piece. While there he is also able to secure contact information in the form of an email address for this 'Ceres' - unable to determine if this is the true 'Ceres' or not.
    • Arthur has contacted 'Ceres' for a customer piece. On her reply she states she is retired but would be willing to hear him out.
  • Quinn Martin: Addendum
    • Email address might be all I need to track down a location, or at least a holding. I'll keep you posted.
    • If you enter negotiations with Ceres, I will back whatever bid is required. Money is not a concern.
    • Do your research: . Occultists or artists don't pick pseudonyms because they like the mouth feel.
    • Investigation of Angel's Share is still recommended -- I am just as interested in who the painting was for as I am in who painted it. This very well could be a Kindred who predates the current Court of New York. They could have invaluable information about the past, present, and future of the city.

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