Lori Keller

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Mortal.png “Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation.” – Aristotle
Lori has been working in the ER of New York Presbyterian for 23 years now. As Charge Nurse, she runs the ER from the sliding doors to the pharmacy, to the outpatient. A classic New Yorker, she has compassion for all but puts up with exactly zero bullshit.
RP Hooks
  • Return Customers - Sometimes its just too cold. Lori's been known to have compassion with the homeless around the hospital, giving out open beds for a few hours if she's got them.
  • Family Ties - Lori has a daughter out there somewhere. Megan Keller ran away from home at 17, and ever so often she's seen on the cameras around their house, but she's not come home since. Lori's always asking people if they've seen her, keeping a picture in her back wallet.
  • Neighborhood Watch - Lori lives in Brooklyn herself and takes part in the neighborhood watch along the blocks north and south of her home. It's not uncommon to see her out with her two large huskies walking with a flashlight in the evenings.
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Lori Keller(NPC)
Pronouns: She/Her
Apparent Age: Early 40's
Occupation: Charge Nurse at New York Presbyterian
Public Effects: Medical Status 3 (ER Charge Nurse)