Lodge of the Endless Horizon

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Lodge of the Endless Horizon


The Lodge of the Endless Horizon is comprised of Irraka who are relentless explorers of the Gurihal, the Material world. Though they by no means eschew the other side of the Gauntlet - and many take advantage of it to further their Material wanderlusting - Horizoners are dogged in their pursuit and mastery over the physical realms. These Irraka use their knowledge of the landscape to corral, flank, trap, and ultimately devastate their prey. (Signs of the Moon p. 27)


Irraka, Athletics 2, Streetwise 2 OR Survival 2


The Mirrored Albatross

Lodge Bonds

Blessing: Get exceptional results on three successes instead of five on Streetwise and Survival rolls.

Aspiration: To travel to a place they've never been.

Ban: To walk a kilometer every day.

The Sacred Hunt

Horizoners can innately sense the direction of their prey, even if they don't know how far away they are or what obstacles are in the path, and with Impossible Spoor, spending 1 Essence will grant the rote quality to track their prey. In addition, while they have the element of surprise, they may add their Cunning dots to Influences, Gifts, and Brawl attacks targeting their prey.

Lodge Tools

  • Lodge Sorcery (Time, Location, Information)
  • Lodge Connections
  • Lodge Armory

Snakesilver Gauntlet (•••)

Description: Scales of an undiscernable alloy ripple like captured mercury when this gauntlet with dagger-pointed fingertips molds itself to the wearer's hand.
Effect: Add Cunning to Dexterity for the Duration. Attempts to deny Defense must defeat a Clash of Wills. Not compatible with Urhan.
Action: Reflexive
Duration: Scene
Spirit: Black-Mouthed Asp

Base Item: Brass Knuckles +1L / 0 Init / 1 Str / 1 Size / 5 Avail / Enhance: Brawl / (Brawl), Stun

Hollow Fang (•••)

Description: A serpentine fang jammed into the gums of the Horizoner.
Effect: Use Influence (Death) 3 after a successful biting attack. Only the bitten prey may be targeted with Influence (Death).
Action: Reflexive
Duration: N/A
Spirit: Crimson Pit Viper

Base Item: Natural Weapon (Bite)

Kinetic Stinger (•••)

Description: A sinuously carved bow.
Effect: Upon a successful strike with the Kinetic Stinger, the wielder may convert successes from damage to Essence drain up to their Cunning, taking that Essence for themselves. This does not allow them to go above their Essence limit, and may only be used once per turn in the event that another ability grants the wielder a second attack.
Action: Reflexive
Duration: N/A
Spirit: Seastone Serpent

Base Item: Short Bow +3L / Medium / Low/ -3 Init/ 1 Str / 5 Avail