Lodge of the Demon Eater

From Dark City

Lodge of the Demon Eater (Agalu Delal)

Founded by a member of the Knights Templar when he was affected by lunacy and became a wolf-blood. His brothers and sisters in the order kept him safe from the assault by spirits; no idea what was happening to him. And when he changed into the creature that had attacked him, the order saw it as an act of God; the chance to take the fight to the monsters. He soon learned about The People and the crusade they were waging. The Knights Templar realized the devil they were fighting were spirits of sin. Since then, the Agalu Delal has replenished its ranks only when the creator wills it. The entire order is made up of lunacy-created wolf-bloods and those that have changed, a secret the lodge does well to keep. Beyond that, only faith in the creator's will and the courage to follow the path are required to undergo the initiation rite. While their numbers are around one hundred fifty around the world currently, far less than in the past, each initiate has been blessed by the pope. Though the reasoning behind this has been lost to written history, when someone approaches a Swiss Guard and speaks the words, "Blessed are the devourers of demons, chosen by lunacy for a sacred path," they are immediately taken to His Holiness. The pope blesses them as holy knights in a private ceremony but never asks their name.


Occult 2, Honor 2, Glory 2, Purity 2, Mentored by a current Agalu Delal RP Requirement: Lunacy-created wolf-blood


Path-of-Faith: a spirit that influences the light of creation, a three-headed wolf potentially responsible for the myth of Cerberus. It generally stays near the locus in the Vatican archives, leaving only to aid its followers or give a member a specific target. That isn't to say it doesn't play an active role but acts more like a prophet for the creator.

Lodge Bonds

Blessing: Harmony breaking point rolls that would move your score further away from balanced (5) are made with rote quality.

Aspiration: Helping rehabilitate members of the herd after removing the influence of sin spirits.

Ban: Perform sacramental confession once per lunar cycle.

The Sacred Hunt

Those under the Siskur Dah condition through a Demon Eater's Sacred Hunt rite only need 3 successes to get exceptional success on rolls to resist Kuruth. When a Uratha under the effects of this rite first encounters a particular Kuruth trigger in a scene, they may spend 1 point of essence reflexively to gain 8again on the roll. Future triggers, such as taking damage from the same silver knife, cannot benefit from this.

Lodge Tools

Lodge Armory, Lodge Connections, Lodge Lorehouse