Lodge of Suffering

From Dark City

Lodge of Suffering

AKA: The Wounded, Scourges

The werewolves of the Lodge of Suffering believe that through pain comes both wisdom and strength. Adherents often push themselves to the limits of suffering, whether that be physical or mental, to reach a cathartic state within which the Lodge draws power into themselves. The scars of the Wounded, physical or otherwise, are reminders that what was hurt them today can never hurt them again. Through repeated exposure to pain, preferably through challenges in the world itself but sometimes at their own hands, or at the claws of other Scourges, the Lodge of Suffering becomes a force that cannot be bowed, bent, or broken, for what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger.

The Lodge of Suffering draws most of its members from Storm Lords who seek to prove that they can stand before any torment, but the Lodge has members from all tribes within its ranks. However, the exact tenets of the Lodge are always kept secret: drawing strength from pain in a ritual fashion is often associated with the Anshega. Not to mention that the Lodge’s totem is a Wolf spirit that could potentially be mistaken for a nascent Firstborn-wannabe and there’s plenty of powder in the keg for outsiders to turn explosive.

Members of the Lodge traditionally gather once a season within regional meetings. The gatherings usually begin as solemn affairs, but quickly turn raucous as the gathered Uratha begin rites of pain to challenge their members into greater states of strength.


Resolve 3, Composure 3, Stamina 3


Wounded Wolf appears as a massive gray wolf, frame strong and limbs fast, though it constantly drips ephemeral blood from its left shoulder where a huge antler from some primeval prey animal sticks from its flesh, dug in deep, as if piercing Wounded Wolf to the core. Wounded Wolf claims that it was once a different form, one that it cannot remember, but weaker than it is now. It claims that it attempted to prove itself to its pack and hunted the Great Stag. It was almost slain during its first hunt and carries the scars along its right flank to prove it. The rest of the pack laughed. Resolute, Wounded Wolf hunted again and this time lost its right eye to Great Stag. Pain almost destroyed Wounded Wolf, but somewhere within its core it found the ability to adapt, to persevere, to turn that pain into strength. Wounded Wolf hunted again and this time Great Stag went for the kill, slamming its mighty antlers into Wounded Wolf. The pain was immense, but it also shook Wounded Wolf into cathartic action: pain turned to strength and Wounded Wolf killed the Great Stag, ripped the antlers free in the process. Returning triumphant, Wounded Wolf’s pack attempted to remove the antlers from its shoulder but it refused: every step, every turn of its head, was a reminder of what Wounded Wolf had done, and how strong it could be.

Lodge Bonds

Blessing: A Lodge member adds 5 dice rather than 3 when spending Willpower while suffering from Wound Penalties.

Aspiration: To suffer injury and pain in service of making yourself stronger.

Ban: A Lodge member may never shirk away from pain or suffering, whether of themselves or others.

The Sacred Hunt

The Lodge Sacred Hunt grants your character the ability to draw strength from pain against her prey. Attacks against the target of her Sacred Hunt add your character's current Wound Penalties as bonus dice rather than subtracting them. She is still considered to be suffering from Wound Penalties otherwise.

Lodge Tools

  • Lodge Sorcery (Death, Fear, Wolves)
  • Lodge Connections
  • Lodge Armory