Lodge of Lightning

From Dark City

Lodge of Lightning

“Lightning doesn’t strike twice,” goes the human saying. The Uratha know better than that. Lightning is an implacable force, seeking the easiest route to its destination and reaching it with speed and power. The Lightning-Dancers, as the members of this lodge are often known, take the same philosophy in everything they do, from putting down a foe to winning a mate. They have, in a sense, fashioned themselves into the ultimate tools, making their very bodies extensions of their remarkable wills.

The Lightning-Dancers drive themselves to physical extremes, running for longer than most werewolves would consider sensible, going without sleep or food for long periods of time. A few, more cynical, observers have wondered if the latter behavior is responsible for the quite remarkable flashes of insight that the lodge members are capable of displaying. That attitude betrays the slight jealousy that the lodge occasionally invokes in others. Werewolf culture is built on success (in part, in atonement for the past), and the Lightning-Dancers are focused on that goal as few others. (Lodges: The Faithful pp. 63-65)


Cunning 2, Wits 3, Iron Master


The alleged spirit patron of the Lodge of Lightning is Lightning. However, it’s uncertain whether the spirit watching over the lodge at any given time is actually Lightning itself. One increasingly popular theory suggests that, although Lightning may have agreed to watch over the lodge, the spirit actually playing the role of patron might be one of Lightning’s many aspects (or “forks”).

Lodge Bonds

Blessing: The lodge member achieves exceptional success on 3 successes instead of 5 when using the Build Equipment action to create a plan.

Aspiration: To find the most efficient path to success on the hunt.

Ban: Once the lodge member has begun a sacred hunt, they may not rest until the hunt succeeds.

The Sacred Hunt

On the sacred hunt, the Lightning-Dancer is as implacable as their patron. The lodge member may spend Willpower to gain the rote quality on Stamina rolls to remain on their feet, stay conscious, or circumvent obstacles between them and the prey.

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