Lodge of Frozen Crown

From Dark City

Lodge of Frozen Crown

In the great northern reach of the world, where Mooses wanders and survive where other animals may not, as a symbol of obstination, power and resilience. Skolis-Ur sought Winter-Crowned-Moose and hunted him amidst the harshest winter the world has ever known, accompanied by a few of the best hunters. After ending the hunt, Winter Wolf and the pack with him did not consume the spirit's essence, but bound it in service, proven worthy of sharing the Winter-Crowned-Moose power and resilience in harsh condition.

Today the Lodge holds outpost in inhospitable places or where prominent Moose spirit or presence are. A significant majority of the members are Canadian.


Survival 3, Stamina 3, Storm Lord


Winter-Crowned-Moose. A Moose spirit who's antlers is formed of Ice and snow and wield the northern cold as a weapon because of it and was tasked by Skolis-Ur to assist his children in commanding the harshness of winter.

Lodge Bonds

Blessing: Whenever in an area affected by an environmental tilt, spending a WP they grant the Mooseling +5 dice instead of +3

Aspiration: To Survive the Harsh Winters Ahead (thematically, surviving something impressive is enough)

Ban: Cannot hit a smaller target without provocation.

The Sacred Hunt

While hunting under the Winter-Crowned-Moose's blessing, the hunters may spend 1 essence to ignore a level of environmental tilt.

Lodge Tools

You may choose three (3) from Lodge Armory, Lodge Connections, Lodge Lorehouse, Lodge Sorcery, and Lodge Stronghold as outlined in The Pack p. 81.

  • Lodge Sorcery (Cold, Hunting, Plants)
  • Lodge Connection
  • Lodge Armory below are the 3 options

Moose Club (•••)

Description: A blunt instrument built with a Moose antler or a wooden weapon with some kind of moose motifs.
Effect: Spend 1 essence. After a successful attack, add the number of successes rolled on activation or essence spent on activation in bashing damage.
Action: Reflexive
Duration: None

Lumberjack's Bane (•••)

Description: This Lumber Axe is used by the member of the lodge to make sure that opponents are taken down easily
Effect: When striking an opponent the user can activate it to cause the knockdown tilt and impose the fetish's rating as a penalty to resist the tilt. Once per person per scene.
Action: Reflexive
Duration: None

Permafrost's Bite (•••)

Description: Bladed weapon that is perpetually cold to the touch.
Effect: The first time the blade strike true, it can call an environmental tilt related to cold for the rest of the scene. (Blizzard, Ice, Extreme Cold, Heavy Wind). If the tilt has different levels, on further attacks and activation, spend 1 essence to increase its level.
Action: Reflexive.
Duration: Scene