Lodge of Crows

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Lodge of Crows

AKA: Crows, Kingmakers, Halazhu

The Lodge of Crows is one of the Pillars of the Storm Lords, having its roots lost deep within the history of the tribe. For as long as any can remember, there have been Crows pulling strings in the background to control their prey and ensure the hunt goes off without a hitch. They spread their wings wide, and the shadow they cast is deep. One will usually see a Kingmaker not as an alpha of a pack, but someone they always come to rely on. They are pillars of the community, with fingers in every pie and ears in every dark corner. They know how to lull the prey into a sense of security and then how to plunge the knife in deep when they're close.

The Lodge of Crows only pulls its members from among the Storm Lords. Their exact methods and tenets are not openly discussed with outsiders, but it can be said that many prize Cunning as much as they do Honor. They are socially adept and frequently found in groups of interconnected individuals across many packs in a region. They pervade everywhere that the Iminir can be found, making connections deep within the the spirit choirs and herd circles. Taking your time, learning about your prey, and using ostracizing maneuvers to hurt them from all angles is the way.


Allies or Status 2, Manipulation 3, Persuasion 2, Storm Lord


The Crow

The Lodge of Crows naturally takes its name from its patron spirit, and individual members call themselves Crows with that homage at least partly in mind. But the truth is that the spirit calling itself Crow is probably not Crow itself, the epitome of all crows, or even all corvids, as the spirit sometimes claims. A few Ithaeur within the lodge are quietly working to discover their patron’s actual name and nature, just in case.

Lodge Bonds

Blessing: The Crow achieves an exceptional success on three successes instead of five on any roll to investigate a target suspected of a moral, criminal, or supernatural transgression.

Aspiration: To gain power through subtlety and cunning, manipulating and influencing from behind the scenes.

Ban: The Flock flies together. Once per lunar cycle, a lodge member must share a secret with another lodge member.

The Sacred Hunt

The Murder of Crows is adept at singling out their prey. Upon the sacred hunt, the Crow gains their highest social merit as bonus dice on any roll to separate the prey from their social connections (Allies, Contacts, etc).

Lodge Tools

  • Lodge Connections
  • Lodge Sorcery (Authority, Electricity, Secrets)
  • Lodge Armory:

Lightning Bird's Caw (•••)

Description: A lightning-charred shortbow strewn with crow feathers on each end.
Effect: Upon a successful attack, the user inflicts the Insensate Tilt by spending a Essence (if Uratha) or Willpower (if Wolfblooded).
Action: Reflexive
Duration: None
Stats: Damage +2, Medium Range, Low Capacity, Initiative -3, Strength 2, Size 3

Crow Talons (•••)

Description: When inactive, this Tiger Claw sits with with gleaming silver set within an iron setting, but when activated the iron seems to run through the entire set, making it simply look mundanely dangerous
Effect: When activated, this silver weapon does not register as silver to any sense.
Action: Reflexive
Duration: Scene
Stats: Damage +1, Initiative -1, Strength 2, Size 2, Brawl, Silver

Heart Seeker (•••)

Description: A spear carved with languages around the world and tipped with an obsidian point like a jagged feather
Effect: When activated, these weapons allow the user to strike at the most vulnerable parts of a person. The user may spend Essence (if Uratha) or Willpower (if Wolf-Blooded) in order to add your Empathy as additional weapon damage.
Action: Reflexive
Duration: None
Stats: Stats: Damage +2, Initiative -2, Strength 2, Size 4, Reach, Two-Handed