Lodge Of The Cyber Wolf

From Dark City

Lodge Of The Cyber Wolf

Werewolves, The First tongues, Oaths of the Moon, Spirits, and Magic sounds like a great D&D game. Though a few things have changed since the swords and sorcery days, technology has advanced to the degree that can threaten the Uratha's secrecy and safety. Lunacy can only go so far, so modern problems require modern solutions. The lodge of the Cyber Wolf is at the forefront, updating the old-world tools; Fetish firearms and spirit-infused computers and vehicles are the calling card. Cops don't ask questions when a guy is shot in high gang crime areas, but they do wonder when the mob boss looked like a huge animal mauled them; silver swords look cool, but 100 rounds of silver down range will send that Pure straight to hell with no fuss and with a little cleanup rite to ensure that nosy neighbour that just had to film what he saw in the ally never finds its way on the found footage sites. There's no real founder, as it began on a dark web chat forum. Though that original forum has long been wiped and the servers acid-washed with the lodge still gather, those that break with tradition strive progressively towards tomorrow.


Intelligence 3 and (Computer 3 or Science 3 or Craft 3)


CDC 6600 – Taken its name after the first supercomputer, it appears as ever shifting and changing entity of code that is written in First Tonge

Lodge Bonds

Blessing: Get exceptional results on three successes instead of five on Science and Computers rolls

Aspiration: Push forward the use of technology within the People

Ban: You must always have on you something made in the past year

The Sacred Hunt

The Digital Spoor Getting a taste of blood allows the Wolf instinct to track the Urathas prey across a great distance. The Cyperwolfs extend that to the target digital blood. The Cyperwolf can instinctually identify the digital footprint of those whose blood he tasted. In addition, when rolls that involve modern technology, such as Computers, Cars, and Firearms, affect the target of the Sacred Hunt, the lodge member may add their Cunning renown to the roll.

Lodge Tools

  • Lodge Armory
  • Lodge Connections
  • Lodge Sorcery (Location, Electricity, Information)

Luddite's Kiss (•••)

Description: A cracked and rusted sledgehammer whose hilt and grip have been long torn and discarded yet still allow for a firm grip.
Effect: Effect: Upon a successful attack, user may ignore the durability on an object or gain armour piercing equal to the user's [Cunning, divided by 2, rounded up to a minimum of 2 ] for Uratha or 2 for Wolf-Blooded that do not possess Renown
Action: Reflexive
Duration: None
Spirit: A Spirit Of Urban Decay

Base Item: Sledgehammer +5L / -4 Init / 5 Str / 3 Size / 5 Avail / Accurate , Stun, 9again, knockdown

The Putty (•••)

Description: A tennis ball size of greyish black silly putty, whose texture and consistency constantly change.
Effect:The Putty enhances any weapon it is attached to when activated. The user my apply the fetish's dot rating to enhance any stat of weapon or negate an innate penalty of the weapon on a one-for-one basis. This cannot add Tags to the weapon.
Duration: One Scene
Spirit: A 3D Printer

K9000 Cyberwolf Combat Drone A.K.A The Good Boy (•••)

Description: Spider-man far from home drones.
Effect: When activated, the drone links to the user's mind. As a reflexive action on the users turn, the drone may fair a shot at a target of the user's choice. This Firearms attack uses a pool of the user's Firearms rating + [dot rating of the fetish]. Otherwise, the attack drone offers no other function - it's a killing machine that hovers near the user and follows them when they move. The base damage of this weapon is 1L.
Duration: One Scene
Spirit: A Territorial Wolf Spirit