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Title: Champion of the Seasons | Knight of the Perpetual Fight

Liv is cold to the touch yet radiates Summer heat. Her features are sharp and pretty but every part of her looks like it could kill a man just by brushing up against her. Her skin is blue and transparent like ice with specs of red in her otherwise white hair. Whenever she stands still she keeps her arm like to mimic a sword but moves robotically otherwise and speaks in a constant monotone and chilling voice.

Like most Elementals, she's not the most social of people. Preferring a close-knit group of friends than a large gathering of people. This manifests mostly in her deadened emotions.

She's also a proud trainer and owner of the "Knockout!!!" boxing ring. IF you're ever in Queen come and say hi to her, or if you want to find trouble she'll be there quickly.

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Liv DeSwelled
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Current Hair Colour | Blond (Mask), White with Specs of red on the roots (Mien)

Eye Colour | Blue (Mask), White (Mien)

Height | 5’9”

Keeper | Die wylde Jagd

Court | Summer

Motley | None

Merits | Lethal mein, Mantle Summer 3

User: | User:TheWelshToast

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Played By: TheWelshToast

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