Lisbet Shelly

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Lisbet Shelly
Lisbet Shelly.jpg
BirthdateDecember 6, 1989
OccupationOwner of Bethlem Memorial Cemetery
ConceptLoan Shark, Keeper Of Debts
SphereMortal+ (Special)
StatusActive NPC


A woman in her early thirties, quiet, no-nonsense, and distracted with her own affairs. Intensely private and introverted, Lisbet isn't ever going to be the one to start a conversation and often ends them before they can truly begin. She prefers clean business casual outfits and seems out of place amongst the cemetery or even the dilapidated Shelly Estate mansion.


The youngest of the notorious Shelly family, well known in Jericho for their history of collecting debts on the townsfolk. Owners of the Bethlem Memorial Cemetery and the Shelly Estate. Lisbet has been gone for a few years, but came back with the disappearance and presumed death of her mother to take care of the family business and her ailing grandmother Briar Shelly. Disliked as much as the rest of her family, she keeps to herself and takes scheduled meetings only when necessary.

RP Hooks

  • BAD DEBTS: A large number of people in Grey County owe the Shellys money from this generation or the previous one. They ledger is never forgotten.
  • BURIED: Family buried at the cemetery is an immediate connection. The Shellys have always considered plots to be in need of maintenance. How long has it been since you've visited? For shame.
  • BURNED: The cemetery of course was once a psychiatric hospital. Did your family tree have a branch that ended there?