Lilia Lacoste

From Dark City


Lilia is a slender, light-skinned woman of athletic build and urbane bearing. Her decorous tone is ever euphonious, her fashion is minimalist chic, and her dark curls sway with each well-postured step. Despite being raised in The Dirty South, she doesn't bear the drawl. She doesn't know why.


She is sworn to defend the First Estate but will also work with you to extend its dominion.
You can spot her in the audience of almost any competitive sport. Whether it's tennis, street racing, underground boxing, or even just observing chess hustlers in the park, you can likely find her watching.
Lilia is wantonly addicted to all of New Yorks's nightlife. Perhaps you've noticed her in the VIP. She's definitely noticed you.
Before moving to New York City, she called Atlanta home. Nevertheless, she's been spotted gracing Kindred scenes across the southern US for over a decade.

Dame Lilia Lacoste, Knight Archon

City Status 1 · Invictus Status 2
Daeva · Spina · Invictus
5'6" · Presence 2
Striking Looks 2: Enthralling

Played By: fireflies

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