From Dark City

Libra (Full Name Unknown)
BirthdateNovember 16, 1997
SkintoneLight Tan
OccupationSquad Leader for The Program
ConceptQuiet and Stern Leader
StatusActive NPC


A new arrival from Beijing branch of The Program, Libra has a wealth of experience despite her young appearance. She has a working relationship with Taurus that seems to be somewhere between friendly rivalry and distrustful antagonism. She lacks Taurus' open believe in the The Program and is much more focused on the individual mission. She is a woman of few words and plays her cards close to her chest.

Libra is never seen around Jericho, nor does she show up at Luxidine. It is unknown where she is staying or where she is going in her downtime.

RP Hooks

Tight Lipped Libra keeps her feelings and thoughts to herself. It always seems like no matter what is going on her head is in the game and she seems to have a plan, but she isn't willing to share it with anyone.

Not a Company Man Libra is always prepared for the Mission at hand, however the few words she does have are often not the kindest about The Program. She doesn't seem to always tow the company line and has a history of malicious compliance at best with those in charge.

Location Unknown No one knows where Libra is staying. She never shows up to eat at any of the local restaurants, she doesn't visit the cafeteria at Luxidine, and she doesn't take part in any recreation around town. Where Libra is when a Mission isn't at hand seems to be a complete mystery.


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