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Many who would preach to you on a dark night come with an easy smile and a hand outstretched. Whispered words of sweet and dark things tempt the masses, but that's not Levi's style. This man prefers the thoughtful, the quiet, and those who want to hear things for themselves. Levi is a short king with a quiet disposition who prefers to let actions speak just as loudly as words. If one wants to see him truly come to life, watch him when he does get the chance to speak on matters of faith or perform with his heard on bowstring, and then they will see the cool youth pastor underneath. This is a man who has seen things and doesn't seem to judge, going out of his way to be relatable.

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RP Hooks
Isn't that a cult? No, it's not a cult. It's a Church. A completely respectable church that happens to have been run by "Levi's father" in the 90s. It's grown into a mass of people who are just very into their faith, and believe in a bit of the books that King James cut out. Have you heard the good word?

Why so many books? It's about keeping history. One cannot forget where one comes from. What? You want to read them? How about we exchange them. You show off your tomes, and Levi will show off his.

Doesn't Mab hate Sanctified? The key is to not preach to anyone who doesn't want to hear the word. Mab is practical, and when the chips are down, Theban Sorcery can be a very effective weapon to use to bolster your way through the night. Maybe you come seeking miracles or guidance?

Is that a Stradivarius? The sounds it can make sing like the angels themselves, but the talent lies within the musician rather than the instrument. He can be found sawing the bow late at night on the streets for tips or for the chance to lift some of the weight off of your heart.

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  • "Leviticus has a surprising depth of humor and self reflection that does him credit and draws people to him. He is a credit to his Covenant. Good dancer too." - A.G. Silverwood
  • "Who could be said to be better read? But the moment he mansplains my own religion to me, it'll be the last thing he does. Surprisingly good conversation, for a Sanctified. - Moira Reverie

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Leviticus Grove

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Full Name: Leviticus Peter Grove

Pronouns: He/Him
Age (Apparent): 30s
Height: 5'2"
Profession: Preacher at the Church of the Fourth Angel
Public Effects:
Presence: 4
City Status: 2
Sanctified Status: 2
American Sign Language

Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum
Title: Anointed
Clan: Gangrel
Bloodline: Kerberos
Coterie: None

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