Levi June

From Dark City

Levi June
BirthdateOctober 12, 2000
EyesDark Brown
OccupationCook/Luxidine R&D
ConceptSmall Town Goth
Played ByCursedArachnid
Player NameLexiconjurer
StatusActive PC


Freak. Weirdo. Living Tim Burton Character. He's heard them all and worse, so feel free to give it your best shot.

Despite a slender (less tactful folks might say scrawny) build and unimposing height at 5'4", Levi has little trouble getting noticed. The first thing everyone notices about Levi are his eyes. They're big, bright, and a bit intense. Once they get past the eyes, they see there's an attractive young man there as well. His soft features are enhanced by his makeup, his eyes accentuated by liberal use of eyeshadow, and his pale alabaster skin is accentuated by his (almost) always black attire.


One of the more recognizable members of the prolific June family, Levi has been the subject of curiosity and scrutiny for much of his life. He achieved notoriety at just 10 years old when he returned a few days after leaving on a hunting trip with his father to the woods with no recollection of how he had gotten back, only remembering that his father Noah had died from a heart attack. It became just another strange story in a town full of them.

Though he was always seen as a bit 'off' by the people of Jericho, when he reached his teens was when Levi really dived into the strange. He started wearing makeup, dressing all in black, practicing Wicca, and collecting every strange story he could get his hands on. Shockingly, this did not make him popular with his fellow students and, as a result, he was mercilessly bullied throughout his middle school and high school years. Anyone thinking this would get him past this 'phase' was sorely mistaken and Levi remains fascinated by the occult and macabre to this day.

During high school, he followed in the June family tradition of putting in hours working at Grandma Terri's Country Kitchen, washing dishes and waiting tables. During that time, he discovered a passion for the culinary arts. After high school he was promoted to cook but still occasionally acts as a waiter when needed.

RP Hooks

Keep Jericho Weird: Levi has spent years collecting stories, newspaper articles, and eyewitness accounts of bizarre activities that have occurred around Jericho. He is endlessly fascinated by the bizarre and inexplicable. If you're a fellow supernatural enthusiast, you'll likely get along great.

Order Up!: Levi can usually be found helping out at his grandmother's restaurant, though he's more than likely in the kitchen making your food. Still, if they're light on help today, he may be the one bringing your meal out to you.

Out of Place: Pan and proud, a practicing Wiccan, and frequent crossdresser, Levi stands out like a sore thumb in a town like Jericho. He has aspirations of getting out and going to the Big City. If you're not from around here, expect to catch Levi's interest in the hopes he can experience civilization vicariously through you.