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This is one of those likeable guys, annoyingly well connected and irritatingly up to date on just about everything. Leo is a gregarious and charming man with an easy smile and handsome features. His words are influenced by a New England cadence and he speaks with a deep and smooth voice. Leo’s the type of Brahmin that people want to be smug so they might point out that there, at least, is a flaw, yet smugness in Mister Crowley is well hidden if existing. Surely he’s not that good of a guy? Can’t be. He must be hiding something.

Leo Crowley is endearing, pleasant, delightful, and keeps a smile that both warms most and annoys some. He’s a tall man with a clean shaven face and he resonates a boyish charm, a twinkle in his blue eyes. Leo is in good shape, à la one with an active and physical lifestyle. His dark brown hair is astutely shaggy, and his choice of clothing imitates this lifestyle with a fashion done in the right kind of purposefully messy way that comes off as together and intentional. You want to trust this charmer, you want to be his pal, and he doesn’t mind that at all.

The Neritic Bride

It is clear to tell, even in death, that she was beautiful in life and echoes of this remain in the hereafter. The Bride is a pallid woman with wet inky black hair that is crowned with pale white flowers and covered in a sheer veil. Her face and hands are dotted with black splotches like squid ink and her eyes are on the verge of becoming hollow. Her mouth drips this same ink and also drops of water seep out, like one drowning. The Bride resonates a feeling of sadness and despair, defeat which hovers over angry possession.


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RP Hooks
  • Devil's Bargain - Leo works as an aide to mayor Everett Shelton. This is a devil's bargain for Crowley since Mayor Shelton's politics are contrary to not only Leo's long held political beliefs, but those of his family and his past political activism. Leo's had his fair share of drinks with New York City's politicos and rubbed elbows with many an Administrative Assistant, Lobbyist, you name it.
  • Undertaken - Leo's politico connections serve the purpose of keeping Bound business bound and under wraps. He positions himself as a clean up guy for the Sin-Eater community of New York City and this quickly reveals why he bothers with Shelton at all. The Devil's Deal is for the purposes of staying close to power, best positioned to take care of things should they get out of hand. As an Undertaker Leo takes this business seriously and is more than willing to help out a fellow Bound. Sometimes files go missing. Sometimes computers crash. Sometimes the right person introduces the right bill and the right time...
  • Semper Fidelis - Leo's a former US Marine Sniper, serving tours in Afghanistan and Iraq; he left the Corps at rank E-5. Leo keeps in touch with old combat buddies and also learned to speak Pashto and Arabic during his time in uniform. Leo's openly anti-war these days and interacts within the organization Veterans Against War.

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Leo Crowley

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AGE (Apparent): 33
HEIGHT: 5'11"
  • Status (Law & Government) Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
  • Synergy Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
  • Striking Looks (Charming) Dot-filled.png
  • New England accent
  • USMC tattoo

BURDEN: The Bereaved
ARCHETYPE: Undertakers
LIMINAL AURA: Anchor, 20 yards


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